One hostage killed in French rescue

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taffnp, Apr 10, 2009.

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  1. One hostage has died and four have been rescued in an operation to free a French yacht captured by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden.

    Chloé and Florent Lemaçon and their three-year-old child, Colin, were taken with two passengers after turning their backs on consumerism and modern western life and attempting to sail to Zanzibar. They were held for nearly a week.
  2. Well done the Commando-Marine and RIP to the killed hostage. If only they had listened to the advices given by the Marine Nationale only a few days ago....

    Two pirats also KIA and three POWs

    However, it also emerged that the families on board the yacht, which was reported to be heading down to Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania, were urged not to travel through the Gulf of Aden.
    The region has become a haven for pirates and is the scene of frequent seizures and attacks on international shipping.
    A spokesman for the French foreign ministry said the couple - named as Chloe and Florent Lemacon - were "repeatedly warned" not to travel through the area.
    "It is difficult to understand why these warnings were not heeded," spokesman Eric Chevallier said.
  3. The American Captain jumped into the water in the night in a bid to escape but the pirates caught him. Latest reports said that more pirates may be heading for the area.

    Here is the golden opportunity for the navy to conduct some live firing

  4. No can do. The pirates are headed to the area in captive ships with captured crew aboard.

    The Bainbridge is shadowing the lifeboat and reported to have an active seal team on board. The pirates want free passage and to take the hostage with them to later negotiate a ransom. Either these guys have humongous testicles or are incredibly so stupid that they do not realize what kind of situation they are in.
  5. Would posters on this site with varying degrees of expertise (real or imagined) please not speculate how special forces could or could not effect a rescue - remember Opsec.

    Lives are at stake here and modern communications make it very easy for the bad guys to work out what is going to happen.

    Do not forget that there is a large Somali community in this country (legally or illegally).
  6. good point
  7. So they wont be using the SF trained blue whale to come up suddenly from below knocking all the skinnes into the water with a superb single squirt of water from its blow hole and then deftly pluck the American captain form the boat and Jonah style keep him safe in its mouth while it dives a few hundred mters below the waves to make its escape then surface to pass him with a triumphant roar from the crowd of US sailors Prez O'Bama and Neil Armstrong because he had nothing better to do on board the Bainbridge.

    or is that a load of shite.
  8. One frog down. Just the rest of the country to go! But it's a start if nothing else.
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    And 1 of these
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