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One for TID and his mates - is this a Deltic?

Top pic left looks like a 33, front right is a 50 with a 47 behind. Middle is a Class 45 (actually 45140). The thing in the bottom pic looks like the head of a Class 20.
Serious fecking crumpet walking through the door - Czech totty. And the girls behind have just taken their masks off. Brunette for me dear chap.
How did I know the phrase 'retired train driver" would crop up, even before I opened the link.
NEWSFLASH Driving trains is fucking boring! Spotting the fuckers is just limp.
Looks like he's got hoarding issues as well.


Book Reviewer
I would pay for a tour of his temporary garden structure. No windows, weird trapdoor things at ground level, minging maintenance yet immaculately tended lawn edges? This is not a man you would want to go on the lash with.


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