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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by simply_Nash, May 5, 2007.

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  1. First off forgive me if this is the wrong forum to post my question in but wasn't sure where else might be appropriate!

    The basic dilemma is, i want to change from normal stuck in one place and cant go anywhere round the house because I've got a thousand cables connected to my laptop type internet, to wireless internet so i can go anywhere including the bogs and still be able to read my favourite arrse posts!

    However i don't want people who are to cheep to buy there own internet benefiting from my upgrade so i would also like to make it secure!

    If anyone could please advise me on what ill need to buy, and how to go about achieving my aim it would be greatly appreciated!

    thanks in advance a fellow arrser (admittedly with few posts but all the same thank you)
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Probably wants posting here: ARRSE Online Gaming and Computer Advice

    But in a nutshell, you will need a wireless router. I would recommend a Netgear model - you need to make sure you get one which connects to your type of broadband - e.g. cable or telephone line.

    Then you need to ensure that you are using WPA encryption - this is not set by default on the router, but is easy to configure. You may need to check that your laptop supports it too.

  3. Spot on MSR.

    This may help, if you want to see some useful diagrams of typical Netgear Wireless installations.

    Netgear Wireless networking
  4. cheers guys didnt expect a response so soon and next time il open my eyes wider so i find the right forum

    again thank you
  5. Personally, I'd stay away from Netgear routers as they can be a bit iffy.

    Go for a Linksys routher instead-they're basically a cheap Cisco router.

    Best way to lock down your router is through WPA as previously mentioned or by MAC address.

    It may be worth noting though that if someone wants to use your wireless network and is determined to do so, there are means and ways of doing it very easily...
  6. I bought a wireless router so my son could surf in his room, however before i got round to setting it up he managed to pick up the neighbours wifi, i had to go next door and secure it for the neighbour. I guess half the estate could have been using it.
    And matelot can you pm the details?
  7. yeah i understand if someone really wants it they can use it but at least it will keep the opportunist at bay

    how do i check to see if my laptop can do the WPA thing

    apologise for my ignorance
  8. It's a standard part of Windows normally (software only - the laptop itself only needs wireless in it). Something like Control Panel > Wireless Networking.
    If your laptop doesn't have built in wireless, you can buy dongles (ISYN, that really is the name) which plug into your USB port and do the same thing.
  9. No, I won't as it's deemed illegal in this country unless you are pen testing your own network. If you do do it and get caught, you're looking at jail time.


    Just follow the instructions with your wireless router-it'll be very easy to do if you follow each stage, trust me!
  10. I thank you
  11. Won't the Mrs/Flatmate/Your mum get suspicious when you take the laptop into the bathroom?
  12. You need to buy a thing called a router.
    This will be plugged into your phone socket.
    You can also plug a few computers into it.

    But you can also use the wireless connection to connect your lap-top.

    How to stop other people using it;

    1. Encryption. Set it up (read the manual) so the signal from your laptop to the router is encrypted.

    2. Use Mac address filtering. Your wireless card in your laptop has a unique serial number burned into it. You can tell your router to only accept signals from that card.

    How to find the MAC address.;

    1. Pull out the card and read the label on it.
    2. Once you have the router (Day One - with no restrictions yet in place) log onto your router from your laptop - How ?
    Answer ; type (check manual for exact numbers) where you have uk in the top line of your browser.
    Log in to your router.
    Ask you router who is connected.(Listed by Mac address).
    Now you can set your router to only accept certain computers, and you can set passwords etc. And encryption.
  13. msr

    msr LE

  14. currently its impractical (ie take a fcuk of a long time) to crack WPA so its still considered reasonably secure - assuming its configured correctly. Current crack time on WEP is 59 seconds, so not even worth considering.

    Oh yeah you might want to change the default password on your router as well, its normally 'admin' 'admin'.
  15. I knew they weren't totally secure but I didn't think it was that bad!
    mine is set to 128 bit WEP.
    Should I now change that to:

    WPA-PSK(no Server) or
    WPA(With Radius Server)

    These are the other options on my Belkin 54G