One for the spotters

Jimima_Shark said:
I believe that be a Bearer Module from Cormorant.

But I stand to be corrected!

I'll second that - it seems very clean though. Obviously 30/2 sigs need more time on the plain in the mud!! How thoughtful of Cogent to put jacket hooks on the side of the vehicle :wink:
polar69 said:
I saw the heads on the back and figured there must be some sort of relay eqt in the back
Been to Imphal Barracks recently?

Just wondered, as I was there last week, and these things were all over the place (including a couple in the LAD wkshp...).
polar69 said:
Question is, why does a cormorant bearer module have ptarmigin antennae hanging of the back ?
Without being too much of a spotter 8O !! Cormorant uses Band I and Band III+ freqs hence the Band I antenna they wouldn't purchase a new one so they kept the old one, but use an American/Canadian Band III+ antenna

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