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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by super_stab69, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. This is just general intrest. Im asking this question here because its were im more likly to find answers. Please forgive me, but its a question about the yanks.

    The US CT unit "Blue Light", formed in compitition with Colonel "Chargin' Charlie" Beckwiths SFOD-D, some have said it predated it, was officaly disbanded by the US Army officaly on the behest of Jimmy Carter in the early 1980's after the reorganisation of/formation of US SOCOM and JOC after the screw up of operation eagel claw in Iran.

    As i understand it, in US SF parlance "blue light" operations were those of a simie offical nature and covert in exicution, compaid to a "green light" operation (like the so called rescue of Pte Lynch in iraq), witch were in voge at the time with the veit nam era green berets. As such some have said that the unit "blue light" was an extention of 'nam era Mike Force and the SOG. Indead it was part of the 5 SF group till its disbandment.

    The unit was formed to work closly with the CIA, compaired to Delta's formation of the ISA, again close to the 'nam styal SF groups and did a role not too disimaler to the OSS of ww2.

    There is still the rumor that the unit my still exist, acting again under agency controle or direction, but wether this is likly after Delta taking its CT role and the formation of SAD at the CIA.

    Anyone out there know anymore? anyone with any dealings with them at the time or since? OPSEC not withstanding i would just like to know alitle more about this unit, what its roles were like, strength, kit and tactics.

    ps check for spelling.
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    Incidently, saw a load of these guys coming off a ship in Saudi circa 90/91, every other one was sporting a pump action shotgun, cowboy boots and a stetson, nothing else though. Don't know if that's of any help.
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  13. I'd suggest you re-post on Multinational.

    Trip_Wire (he'll probably be on nearer to midnight) will probably give you chapter and verse within the limitation of OPSEC.

    His spelling is fairly similar too.