One for the Septics

I've scrabbled around on Wiki for this, but can't find an answer to a pub discussion.

OK, so assume that McCain wins with Palin as his VP.

In between his victory and inauguration he pegs it.

What next ?. President Pit-Bull inaugurated ?. Could she appoint her own VP candidate ? Could she then step down in favour of that VP ?.

Had he no VP in mind, what next ?. Here I expect on the expiry of Dubya's 2nd term the Leader of Senate would be appointed, which would mean a Republican just won but a Democrat got appointed.

Isn't beer wonderful ?.
Surely the question should be "When Obama wins the election, and is shot between winning the election and taking office....."
Infiltrator said:
Surely the question should be "When Obama wins the election, and is shot between winning the election and taking office....."
I was trying not to be controversial, but your question is equally valid - but would not raise the issue of the Presidency changing parties as a result.

Perhaps a bit early in the day for the Septic masses.
I believe The Constitution has something to say about this eventuality. Its a very well drafted bit of law-it would probably involve the Supreme Court being asked to decide. Like when Al Gore lost the Florida part of the election.
Maybe they get the Head of the House of Representatives to do the job till they sort it out. Or they have a Pop Idol style vote on it. Anything to stop that Clown Princess getting anywhere near the WH. Christ, she's just a 76 year olds stopped heart way from being Commander in Chief. And she's a dumb as a rock.
I believe that it works something like this - if the President-elect dies before inauguration, the VP-elect becomes President and then selects a new VP, who has to be approved by Congress.

Section 3 of the 20th Ammendment covers it. There are all sorts of interesting and unlikely possibilities, and in theory (I forget quite how it works) you could end up with Palin or Biden becoming acting President, and then being replaced thanks to the decision being placed in the hands of the House.

Also, the electoral commission could choose someone else - there was a case in 1976 where an elector who was pledged to cast his votes for Gerald Ford and Bob Dole (as President and VP respectively), voted for Dole but cast his presidential vote for Ronald Reagan, who wasn't, of course, in the election by that point, having lost the Republican nomination to Ford.

In extremis, you could imagine a situation where Obama or McCain had parted company with this mortal coil and the electoral college looked at the options before it. If 270 electors considered the choice of Palin or Biden thought 'God almighty - a moose-hunting hockey mom/a man who thinks Neil Kinnock is inspirational. Wonder how Colin Powell will feel about me voting for him?' and voted as such, you would end up with a very surprised President Powell... Wouldn't happen, but I believe that in theory it could - our US visitors will confirm.

There is a further 'fun' issue, and this is that so-called faithless electors could vote against the popular will of their state. So, if (say) Obama won Alabama, if a number of the members of the electoral college were to be chaps who normally spend their weekends dressed in bedsheets and booing Gene Hackman in Mississippi , Burning, they might vote for McCain anyway. If the election were close, then this might hand the Presidency to McCain. That's a very hypotehtical example, since Alabama may be one of the states which makes being a 'faithless elector' a criminal offence.
Actually, you need to look at both the 20th and 25th ammendments to the Constitution. Article 20 provides that the Vice-President elect would become President on January 20th. As soon as he is President (January 20th) he nominates a person for Vice President, pursuant tothe 25th amendment, and upon approval of both houses of Congress, the nominee becomes Vice-President. The procedure for replacement of a Vice-President has been used twice; when Spiro Agnew resigned and Ford became VP and then when Ford became President and Rockefeller became VP. If both President and VP die then there is a line of succession which goes to Speaker of the House, President Pro-Tem of the Senate, Sec'ty of State and down through the Cabinet officers.
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