One for the scousers-Purple Aki

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brettarider, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. He's back in the news again,

    Muscle touching' ban overturned
    A 46-year-old Liverpool man who was banned from feeling people's muscles has had the decision overturned.

    Akinwale Arobieke, of Devonshire Road, Toxteth, was given the order in October but judges at Liverpool Crown Court have since branded it "draconian".

    Police applied for the order when Mr Arobieke was let out on licence after being jailed for six years in 2003 on 15 counts of harassment.

    The charges related to him asking young people if he could touch their muscles.

    No evidence has been put before us to prove that such draconian measures are necessary
    Judge Bruce Macmillan

    He also requested to measure them and asked them to perform squats.

    Mr Arobieke successfully appealed the order, with prosecution lawyers unable to prove his behaviour was sexually motivated or had caused serious psychological harm to his victims.

    Under the terms of the order Mr Arobieke was also not allowed to approach or do paid or voluntary work with any young person under 18.

    He was also banned from St Helens, Warrington or Widnes without the permission of either the chief constable of Merseyside or the chief constable of Cheshire.

    He could also not loiter near educational establishments, gyms or sports clubs.

    Judge Bruce Macmillan, at Liverpool Crown Court, said: "No evidence has been put before us to prove that such draconian measures are necessary to protect the public from serious sexual harm."

    A legal technicality means a second order of a similar nature against Mr Arobieke - who is known locally as Purple Aki - is still in force.

    However, it is expected to be lifted in light of the judges' ruling.
  2. I actually know (rather well) a legal sec who did all the paperwork for him when he last got locked up. She said the exact same thing as i thought but only to his face

    "I thought my mum made purple aki up to scare me"

    Long live the real life "Boogie Man"
  3. Repeatedly.

    Develops the muscles.
  4. Going back some years, wasn't he "involved" in a young lad being killed in Birkenhead? Something to do with a train?
  5. The reason I know of him is due to a lad at work talking about him touching boys up on the buses etc and getting a bit shirty if you wouldn't let him thought it was a bit of a tall tale until I seen the article in the paper.

    Think your right about the train from what the lad was saying the kid ran away from him and ended up under a train. I think he;s had a few good pastings in his time as well for his "strange behaviour"
  6. New Brighton station I believe? Trying to get away from him and went onto the live rail if memory serves.
  7. was he going for biceps or the sphincter muscle?
  8. It depends which one was relaxed.
  9. I saw him for the first time in HMV on church street a few weeks ago after an ex copper mate of mine pointed him out, hes fcucking massive! I too used to think he was just an urban myth too until all the news about the railway line came out!
  10. I used to live around the corner from New Brighton station, and as a kid he was an urban myth to me and my mates until that incident.... Funny to see him in the news 20 odd years later.

    Edited to add, it was New Brigton station
  11. Pretty sure it was New Brighton. Weird fucker - I'm still a little bit scared of him now. Was terrified of him when I was a kid.
  12. My lad signed for Widnes RLFC as a 16yr old in 96...he use to hang about the ground waiting for them to finish training.One of the first teamers saw him and had a word in his shell like....he left on that ocassion.But still insisted on returning on several ocassions after.

    he didn't approach my lad....but if he ever did he would be dead meat.As you dont mess with family.
  13. They do in Widnes...
  14. I thought this was about scousers not woolybacks lol