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Discussion in 'DIY' started by stanley_bomb_squad, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. I'm swapping the clutch on my dear old mothers nasty little citroen AX I've followed all the suggestions in the Haynes little book of lies and the help of a neighbour and gotten to the point of removing the bell housing.

    It shifts to give about a 10mm gap and then sticks and wont come away from the rest of the engine, it can be jiggled about. The gear linkages are detatched but the lever to the transmission seems stuck in place and doesnt move with the rest of the bell housing.

    Anyone any ideas?
  2. Hi,
    Have you removed ball joints and dropped the driveshafts etc?
    The shaft ( i think) does it have splines on it? If so that is the one connected to the gear stick and sometimes the splines can get full of crud, try embalming it in wd40.
    That is not much help i,m sure but i did a quick google and found this site, might be worth dropping a message on their maybe?
    AX Owners Club • Index page
    Looks like you have to register but like most of these forums it will be free.

    Good luck

    Kind regards,

    R M
  3. Have you disconected the Drive shafts?

    Beaten to it
  4. Yep drive shafts are off and all the engine mountings. Theres nothing showing externally that should stop it sliding off.
    I'm wondering if the clutch when it went has somehow welded itself to the engine.
  5. Oh and thanks for the link, looked at it before but the tech stuff is for paid members and I'd rather scrap the sodding thing before I pay to join an AX forum :)
    My landy is so much easier to work on and I get loads of practice too :(
  6. Unlikly to have welded itself. Try good old fashioned wiggling before brute force though. Hard to diagnose without seeing it, but sounds like it`s hanging up on the spline. Are you moving the box back in a straight line? Check it`s not dropping or lifting .

    Some more info here that may be usefull

    info on clutch change to citroen ax 1.0
  7. Cheers.
    Crowbar will be coming with me today and if a final round of jiggling doesnt work it'll be time for the fine adjusting tools :)