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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by phab2011, Jan 13, 2011.

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  1. When viewing the army fit website it gives a programme and podcast, however, I can't figure out the differences between the running speeds. In fact, I asked a mate who didn't have a clue and also rang a local personal trainer whose answer was that I should only run as fast as I am comfortable!

    So, could someone please decipher the following:

    What is a jog?
    What is a medium paced run?
    What is a good pace???
    What is a fast run?
    What is a steady run?
    What is a hard run?
    I think I can figure out that a brisk walk is walking as fast as you can without breaking into a jog/run!
  2. What is a jog? Is a run anyone can do...usually reserved for wives.

    What is a medium paced run? Is a run you can do with your dog usually a springer.

    What is a good pace??? Is a run you can drink water whilst running (without choking).

    What is a fast run? Is a run you do when the NAFFI wagon comes calling.

    What is a steady run? Is a run you do home from the Pub.

    What is a hard run? Is a run where one needs to place a smartie tube up ones asshole to enable easier breathing. Hence the phrase...breathing out of ones ass.

    Hope this helps.
  3. As far as I remember it's based on percentage of your maximum heart rate. Your maximal heart rate is easily calculated and there are accepted norms, pretty sure there is also another method which is perceived exertion. ie how hard it feels.
  4. No point asking a PTI what a steady state run is :D Every lesson they say that is what we are goin gto do, oddly, turns in to some sort of sprint session.
  5. It all feels like a sprint when you're a bloater mate.
  6. touche :D

    Prefer my own steady state runs, complete with GPS/heart monitor watch thingy.
  7. A steady state run is that that maintains the same, steady pace at any speed (dictated by the PTI), as long as you keep the same pace!
  8. It is all subjective! What you could do if not using a heart rate monitor is use the RPE scale (rate of perceived exertion)- google it! basically uses a scale of 1-10, 10 being the hardest! Gauge the other runs from there. Good HRMS/GPS Trg devices often have pre set pace for a jog, run, sprint etc that you can alter when you learn your own paces. As a guideline ACFT is 15 min per mile pace (6.4kph or 4mph) Commando speed march pace is 10mmp or 9.6 kph. To do a BFT/PFT/BPFA/PFA or whatever they're calling it now 2.4 km in under 9.5min you need to run at 15kph. Hope I've done my sums right & this has been useful. Kind rgds X-swords.
  9. Surely ACFT is 6mph?
  10. Unless there is a danger of anyone running faster than the PTI in which case it turns into a sprint and press up session.
  11. ACFT 8miles in 2hours = 4mph unless the PTI is cutting his own detail!
  12. Er. ACFT 1.5 miles in 15 mins. AFT (formerly the CFT) 8 miles in 2 hours.
  13. Admittedly I'm a calcu-tard but surely to do 8 miles AFT in 2 hours requires 15 minutes per mile...

    Having been taken round a couple the other weekend, thats what the PTI was doing.....
  14. Its 2 different tests (or assesments?). The ACFT is 1.5 mile in 15 minutes carrying 20kg kit inc helmet and weapon. The CFT/CFA/AFT or whatever we're supposed to call it these days is 8 miles in 2 hours carrying 15-25kg (depending on Corps). Which would be a 15 minute mile, but you need to stick in a couple of water breaks.
  15. Yep. ACFT is 6mph. AFT/CFT (whatever it's called - 8 miler) is 4mph.