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One for the Posties to answer please

Having already tried to get onto the BFPO website and only been greeted with an "archived content" page i am unable to confirm the following:

Do postage costs differ depending on location?

for the following reason:

I have a parcel that i would like to send back to the UK from an overseas BFPO address it weighs 5KG and from previous knowledge and the archived page i am sure that this should cost between £8.60 and £9.60.

Obviously at an overseas location the currency is not in pounds and needs to be converted but the price i was told works out at £11.85, basically i am trying to work out if the local postie is trying to pull a fast one. OK a couple of pound per parcel is not much but add that per parcel, per person. I am aware that you can add cover for expensive items being sent back at £1 or £2 additionally.

I am now going to send one large package weighing between 10KG and 30KG which should cost no more than £13.60 as opposed to several small packages.

Unless of course the BFPO prices have changed, have they?


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