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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by johnojohnson, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. After reading a great deal in defense from those of the "Police are gods" attitude, I would like to ask why, when a young person does something criminal and admits to it the "Police" at the police station seem unwilling to follow up on the offence.

    My step-son has wrecked a care, no one else involved, taken without consent. He has gone to the police and admitted this. We have now waited 5 days for the police to turn up and arrest him, he is now in a stressed situation and in my eyes the all singing, all dancing "Police" are taking the piss.

    An MP turns round to the gate operators at No 10 who force him to go via a "pedestrian gate" while pushing a bicycle and says you are nothing more than common people [PLEBS] and they take umbridge.

    My question, expressed badly, is this; Who the fcuking hell do the "Police" think they are? Yes they lost two beat officers, Yes they were shot, Yes they were female, yes there are only 1300000 (estimated) officers country wide BUT I understand there are at least 30000 of those that sit on there fat arrses who cant be bothered to pursue a guaranteed conviction. Consider the number of serving members of the armed forces who, although signing the dotted line, have had their lives fcuked up buy those who don't in real terms "give a sh1t"

    So I await the SH 1 T coming from the all singing know it all types that seem to defend the sh1t that is promoted on this site.
  2. Have you written to your Police Authority and Chief Constable and explained your feelings to them?
  3. No. I originally thought that the "Police" were interested in results not getting there faces on the news.

  4. ah. I see your problem. If he nicked "care" he should report it to the "gaard". Police is a term used in the UK.
  5. Roger that, it should have been Car and Guard. anger makes the fingers grow fat when typing!

  6. Has the aggrieved party reported the offence to the Police?
  7. I suppose you could call them. Is this really 'Current affairs?'
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  8. Oh, do fuck off you illiterate cock.
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  9. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    No. It did remain briefly so that I could correct the spelling in the thread title but away we go....
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  10. ..... aficionados

    No need to thank me.
  11. Maybe they are chasing up more switched on car thieves who aren't dumb enough to hand themselves in.

    "He is now in a stressed situation" ? Do fuck off yer big fanny
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  12. Rather than take a pop at the Police why not look to your obvious failings as a parent, step son or not?
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  13. Just as in all walks of life there are lazy wankers, I've worked with a few and tried to make their lives as miserable as possible.
    It could also be that the unit that is dealing with your son-in-laws crime have a big workload and seeing as he has come in and admitted the crime it will go to the bottom of the list as he will still be there when those evading detection have been caught.
    If he's under the age of consent you could write to the commander asking for an update, most services have a deadline for responding to enquiries so you should hear something back
  14. Perhaps what he really needs is a male role model in his life, one who's not looking to deflect blame for the fact his stepson's a thieving little cunt?
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  15. Your avatar is fucking lush.
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