One for the pet ops

Discussion in 'RLC' started by mattrlc, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. Im on a bulk fuel course next week in grantham, what vehicle do they use to train you on this? Is it generally just the CST's or any other vehicle aswell.
  2. Grantham, well that will be a good course then!
    You should do it on UST and CST. Pointless doing UBRE unless your Unit has UBRE until last of roll-out for UST. Depends what vehicles your Unit has i suppose. If your doing the course for a up-coming tour, then CST and UST all the way! Same goes for Canada as thats all they use now.
  3. I thought this course was done at The Skool???? or do we not have the Instructors ????
  4. Being a trog im pretty useless with the fuel side of things, we have CST's at the unit. If the UST is what im thinking it is. (The new MAN truck then we dont have any of them). It is for a up coming Falklands tour.
  5. Falklands could well be GST then.......nice!!
  6. As 338ster said it should be GST you should be doing. But its easier to do UST/CST course, then its a straight couple of days conversion to GST. I will surprised you will be properly qualified as trying to find a serviceable GST in UK is like rocking horse poo! Saying that, the 2 in the Falklands were not exactly decent either! Dont forget, its not just the operating the "fuel bit", you have to be Famm'd on the truck bit. You could use my 2, but then they have been off the road for 12 months!
  7. Damn wrong place I thought it said Pet Shops.

    It's a Sin
  8. If anything, the CST would make more sense as we have them at the regiment. Nothings ever that straight forward though.
  9. It would and like i said, for conversion its easier and when you come back you can drive CST. If you just do GST, its only useful for the Falklands and nothing else really.
    GST will be replaced in a few years time, another one of CH's jobs at moment, so ill keep you posted as to what it is.
  10. Excellent, have you any idea when they are going to bring the UST's in across the board, most of the guys at the unit have never seen an SV let alone drive one.
  11. The reason why you havnt seen them is because your Unit is not deploying to HERRICK in near future. Priority is Units going to BATUS and HERRICK. As you lot, except you, are sunning yourselves in Cyprus soon im afraid you will have a wait.
    But if you want to know about SV or UST, then ask away.
  12. Ive had a chance to put an SV through its paces, although It was nice to drive, really comfortable etc. I was left with the "If only it was a manual" train of thought.
  13. Why?
  14. It just seemed a bit unresponsive at times, I know there is the option to put it into manual but to be honest, I prefer the DAF
  15. Are you on the TA cse? if so dont forget your dancing shoes I burnt about £500 in two weeks :twisted: I take it you already have your HAZMAT? if so expect the second week to be a bit dull and end up doing the odd job for the MT wing or stood down..Good fun though and no getting fcuked around