One for the Paras

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by jase2472, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. I was arguing with a civvie mate ref the paras the other day he was saying that with the goverment getting rid of Regts with years and years of history why do we still have the Paras, I was fighting your corner for you so to speak so, but i was wondering when the Paras last paracuted into battle, if someone could let me know.
  2. Is this a wah? Been done hundreds of times, if not try googling Suez and 3 Para.
  3. Suez Canal zone crisis
  4. cheers for that :wink:
  5. erm, my guess will be afghanistan 2008!!!!
  6. I heard it was Belfast 2006 wasn't it?
  7. No they just lost some *cough* equipment in Belfast instead. :D
  8. Boring
  10. :twisted:

    Did they check Ebay?
  11. Well I wasn't going to say anything, but have you seen that prick Carey on "The Truman show"???

    Incidently have you been playing little parachute games on crazy monkey???
  12. The Rhodesian and South African armies did an awful lot of parachute jumps in their bush wars. These were actually highly sucessful and resulted in massive kill counts destroying bases training thousands of guerillas. This was as recently as the 1980s. Further information is easily available from many sources.
    The Americans have parachuted into Afghanistan and Iraq however I get the impression that it was done for propaganda reasons more than anything else.
    I guess the main problem is horror stories such as arnhem and dien bien phu which show it can go horribly wrong, but then there are non airborne battles that have gone wrong too. Supposedly helicoptors have improved allot since the 1980s as welland this has rendered parachuting undesirable(the main point of parachuting is to get troops over distance to target quickly but helicoptors are better at this now).
  13. Surely the point of The Parachute Regiment and their training, of which the Parachuting phase is just a part, is to produce a fighting man who will dig out that bit more (And then some) than his Non Para fellow soldier.
    Jumping in, yeah great saves the yomp (Sorry Tab) to contact, but at the crunch you want a body of men who are going to give it heaps, having a glorious Regimental History dating back to the 17th Century doesn't ensure this.
    Feck me must be time for my meds, a Bootneck bigging up the Paras.
  14. To be honest when you see the fuss the RAF make about boarding bods onto aircraft and off again I am surprised the Para Reg ever got off the drawing board. Can you imagine Arnhem today? Plod searches kit for knives etc. Health & Safety. In my day incidentally it was not widely known that it was permitted by a quirk of the regulations to smoke on the flight deck of a Hercules aircraft. Rank has its privileges. On the other hand brewing up in the rear of the aircraft was prohibited. After many incidents. :)

    At low level in Hercs the bit I like is when the loadmaster goes weightless and does the Apollo 13 bit. Too cool.
  15. Did'nt 2 Sqd RAF Regt drop into Sierra Leone ???