One for the Paras.....

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Negligent-Discharge, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    I live relatively near the Traf, but won't be going there for a while...

    The late Captain Mickey Munn – an all-round fine fellow, highly experienced pilot and, at the time, Sergeant in the Red Devils (UK Parachute Regiment display team) - was piloting a Britten Norman Islander to jumping altitude with a full load of hairy-arsed paras crammed into the rear of the aircraft. With no warning at all, a bang and a flash of flame, the port engine blew itself to pieces. Mickey's hands flashed around the cockpit as he brought the aircraft under control. As soon as the aircraft was straight and level he turned to his passengers and said: "Phew. I think you chaps should…" But his words tailed away as he gaped at the empty passenger cabin. At the first sign of trouble, the paras had leaped from the aircraft and were at that moment floating serenely towards the earth. Mickey landed safely to tell the tale.

    Cue chickens clucking...
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  2. I think every right thinking person would do the same to be honest. If I had a parachute, and the plane looked like it was going to nose dive, with little chance of exit... Yes, I'd bloody well jump!
  3. It's SOP (after a certain height) to lob out in the event of an aircraft malfunction.

    Unless of course people wish to stay on board and impact with the ground at a slightly higher rate of knots than intended.
  4. Ready for anything! That's how to do it. If an aircraft engine had blown up and I was wearing a parachute, I wouldn't have hung around either. That's coming from a fully paid up member of the "why leave a perfectly airworthy aircraft before it reaches the ground" brigade. This aircraft was an exception to the rule. :)
  5. I would have been first out of the door!! Where I jump these days I always try and be the first off!
  6. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Cyprus 1986. Smoke appears from the nose of the Cessna. The Cypriot pilot, in that cool, calm, collected way unique to mediterranean types, looks over his shoulder and carries out the emergency drill.

    By which I mean, he screams at the top of his voice:


    This being a flight with 2 students aboard, and me being a Commissioned Orrficer with barely 200 jumps under me belt, I look towards Reg, the SNCO jumpmaster (from my Bn, BTW) to begin dispatching said novices.

    I turned just in time to see the soles of his trainers as he quit the aircraft. :-D

    So, I popped the two "babbies" out the door and then jumped - looking down i could see Reg tracking like a rocket several hundred feet lower. So I followed him. It seemed best.

    He and I made it to the DZ. The lady novice (1st out after Reg) landed off the DZ, but still in Greek Cyprus.

    The funny bit was watching Howard, the other newbie, a 2lt in the Ordnance Corps, descending elegantly into the area between the Greek an Turkish lines.

    With the BFO signs that said "MINES!!"

    The plane never flew again the whole time I was on the island. That was a reet bastard: I'd just got my working day down to 40 minutes in the morning, and was planning to spend the rest of my tour sky-diving. Had to spend it on the piss on Nissi beach instead. O dear, 'ow sad: never mind.

    It could happen to anyone.
  7. Well.......

    I don't know where you imagined that from.

    I knew Mickey Munn very well.
    I worked with him in the Depot when he was a QMSI & then after he'd been RSM of the PT School, he returned as a Lt running the Gymnastic display Platoon in Junior Para. I've never heard him mention that story to me.

    Also....I can assure you that Mickey Munn was NEVER a Sgt with the Red Devils. He was in fact the OC as a Capt in the mid 80's.
  8. If i found out my pilot was Cypriot, I'd jump too!
  9. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

  10. Another myth?

    The one that grips me is the famous (usually after you have told them your Para Regt) " Well me and my mates from the RCT went into the Queens blah blah blah................ and there was 11 Paras in hospital - we got in shite with the CO mind you"
  11. Dont worry about the Traf, they're all old ***** and you could 'avem with one eye tied behind your back
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  12. Arabic, from 'kafara'.
  13. That is definitely a myth, it happened in the George and there was at least 15 of em:)
  14. It doesn't strike me as being 'perfectly airworthy'.
  15. That's why it was an exception!