One for the Paras..clarification really.

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Pebbles015, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. I finish work quite late (me being a sloppo these days) and popped into the barrels in Hereford for a quick pint although coming up last orders.

    Sat with a mate of mine was a geezer who asked where I worked and said that he usually goes there after doing the 'mud run'...fairynuff...'I do a lot of running as I'm ex 2 Para' he continues.

    Right, a fellow ex serviceman, bearing in mind I'm sat there with my veterans badge on my coat, so I engage in a bit of convo with him.

    "waffle waffle blaa fucking blah"......'Oh that's nice, I'm an ex Crab' I says.

    "what's a crab? I've heard of crap hat but not crab"

    'Seriously? How long was you a Para?'

    "14 years, 6 tours of Ireland, 3 tours of Bosnia, 2 tours of Iraq and 3 tours of Afghan"

    'Well without crabs you wouldn't be a Para'


    'RAF? Crab Air? Really?'

    "what brought you to Hereford?" he asks me

    'I just ended up here through work, are you a 'fordian?' I reply

    "yep, Aldershot, Colchester, Winchester then back here, full circle!"

    'Oh right, my dad's ex army, he was a sapper'

    " I know all about that as I was an assault engineer, know's all about explosives and demolitions I do!"

    'Were you a wedgie then?' I asks

    "No, only 2 Para but we are all trained as assault engineers, can I pinch a rizzla?"

    'Yep, take it over there and roll your fag!'

    There were quite a few serving and ex blades in close proximity and puzzled glances all round.

    Just a couple of questions though. Does any Para not know what a crab is? (I think not, knew he was a walty fucker as soon as he asked what a crab was)

    and do para's train in demolitions or is that left to the boys who wear maroon berets with the RE badge?
  2. There were a couple of paras with the infantry blokes doing their pioneer course while I was at Gib...I'm pretty sure they cover dems.
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  3. Every Para knows what a crab is. Every battalion has (had?) assault pioneers some of whom are trained in dems.
  4. 14 years service and 14 tours done, thats going some!
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  5. Assault Engineer is 'Royal Speak' for Assault Pioneers (in terms of a AE Troop is embedded in to each Cdo).

    I doubt ALL Paras in a Bn are 'trained Assault Engineers'...
  6. 2 Para didnt do 3 tours of Bosnia and why would he have been posted to Winchester?
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  7. Havent you heard of the Para Rifles!
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  8. Not the smartest place to go walting. Bless.
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  9. Big pile of bullshit.
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  10. Was he eating strawberry jam sandwiches?
  11. 2 PARA didn't do Bosnia, (C) Bruneval Coy as it was (may have changed) has/had an Assault Engr Pl, they are officially called Assault Engineers and the nickname was The Plumbers. All trained in Dems etc.
  12. Der Waltenkommando only send their best and bravest to Hereford. Walting there requires cahones of steel, and a hide like steel.

    He's most definately an Oberst-Waltengruppenfuhrer.

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  13. A quick scan of the army recruiting page seems to indicate that the Army has taken to calling the Pioneers 'Assault Engineers'...

    Anyone know what an 'Assault Soldier' is btw? 10 day course to the 'Assault Pioneer' 15.
  14. He's 49Para, obvious innit? Now, just how many times does you have to be reminded on this site? No mention of 49Para please.
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  15. Suppose as a job title it's more descriptive. Pioneer evokes images of a bloke on horseback wearing a Stetson while surveying the old west. Assault Engineer give the "yoof" something they can relate to.