One for the outrage bus? and ACTION?

Just recieved this-

I served on the Arctic Russian Convoys, & in the Scharnhorst battle. Tony Benn described me as a ‘Hero’ when I stood against him at the 1997 General Election (as did the painter of the Portrait, attached).

- Local Council staff, in collusion with others criminals, have robbed me of the ‘Winter Fuel Payment’ (which was paid to me as being over 80), while Councillors (of the three main political parties) have deliberately turned their backs! I hope you are horrified, but that is not all – by any means! They have also seized every penny of my life savings, supposedly to pay a bogus debt of £46,000. My life savings (after 70 years of honest hard work) only amounted to £6,500, so that leaves £40,000 still to pay. Now we come to the dirtiest bit. They will undoubtedly have me declared bankrupt, to ensure I can never again stand for election against the Party Politicians – or seek a remedy in the courts. Though I have enough food for a week or two, my main worry is that my telephone, internet, electricity, water & such like bills were all paid by direct debit, & I am going to have to go to a lot of trouble to find other ways to stay connected. With the weather as it is, it is going to be impossible for me to get to the distant Post Office, if that is the way it will have to be done. With The Minister for Veterans & Fabian Hamilton both being Party Politicians themselves, with the same hatred of ‘Independents’, I have no great hopes, but - we shall see!

- Norman Scarth, PJX 516893, Sir! (becoming senile now, memory is failing: – could be 518693).
You just received this....... from where?
fatsplasher said:
'I served on the Arctic Russian Convoys'

Did you know uncle Albert?????
Have you seen the photos??? I think he is Uncle Albert!

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