One for the ODPs.

Hi new to forum and as an ODP myself I would like to ask all the ODPs a question.

Do any of you work on the wards when you are not busy in theatre?

Would you have any problems with this if you were TOLD this is what is to happen.

Simple question to start me off on the forum, but i'm in need of some advise.

Many Thanks
No never on the wards, I wouldn't have a problem being told to, but could always find something more important to do, kettle, card school, playing guess the breast size and thong or no thong you know worthwhile things
adventurer said:
Do any of you work on the wards when you are not busy in theatre?
why on earth would we want to do that? thats what nurses are for! (that and entertaining OTTs)
what benefit would you get from looking after patients who are awake and talk back ?

the lot over here work in another theatre in the hospital across the road (maintaining their street cred - not their coffee and chocolate intake)
I did a christmas day duty where the duty matron thought it would be a good idea for the on call theatre team to help a ward out as we had no cases and they were a little strapped. The only thing that the ODPs were asked to do was mix and administer the IV drugs as they had all done the trust competancy package. Us nurses did a couple of bed baths and I did the drugs round ??!!?? (not done one of them in a few years).

Plenty of CG implications asking staff to perform work they are not trained or competant in doing
dui-lai said:
Ventress said:
It would be the cleanest ward in the world- MRSA would be a thing of the past. A ODP and and a squeegee!
Tell me more venty.....I'm getting aroused thinking of FF in blues............ 8O
Not just QA's that get us then
ODP's often help out in ICU units
Only "worked" on wards during training.
Yes, send ODP/OTT's to a ward if you want an expensive and notmuchusecosIdon'tusuallyworkheresiitwouldbequickerifyoudidityourself pair of hands (That's how I got out of it when it was suggested on Christmas!)
i agree ODP's shouldnt work on wards.
Well, considering the flack I once took when I said I didn't want ODP's working in the ward of my day surgery unit, and refused point-blank to advertise a vacency on the ward as suitable for ODP's, I say make them work there.

The general argument from the ODP mafia was that they had done six weeks on a general ward as part of their training, therefore they knew everything there was about nursing, and were insulted that I said otherwise!
i have a lot of time for ODP's but they are worse than useless on a ward.

as are inexperienced RGN's starting in theatres.

im all for being flexible, but it really is more trouble than it is worth.

however, i have seen ODP's, thrive in ICU's - but they didnt have pts, they primarily worked with the technical side.

horses for courses, as they say.
most ODPs are hung like horses! (even the females ones!)

if ODP's are stood around doing nowt, why not let them do the drug round, IV's etc?
in NHS hospitals or on deployment?
Never stood around doing nothing, sat yes, bluffed it agreed played cards never idle

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exactly, why stand when you can sit? which is another reason not to work outside of your department.