One for the Military Design Engineers?

How long and what is the training like at Phase 2? Trying to brush up for my interview but all i can find on the army website and my job brief is 9 weeks to be trained as a combat engineer then a 4 week assesment at Chatham where you will be selected to specialise in one of the four ares:


Is that correct or is there more to it than that?

Also what happens ie. do you get posted or whatever after you finish phase 2 in your specific area?

That's nice of you to spend your time trying to make me look stupid but i did not ask for a job description, of course i have read that, i was asking about the length of training, not what they do.
oh right with you...
e&m is 38 weeks
dd is 44 weeks
se is 28 (i think)
cmt is about 12 but you have to go leccy to complete all liscences.

hope that helps
Knew that info already but thanks anyway, maybe my question is phrased wrongly. I was just wondering is it only 9 weeks to be trained as a combat engineer then you do your 4 week assesment then your specific job role training. 9 weeks ust seems awful short that's all. And do you know what happens after you complete phase 2 in your specific area?
Unless it's changed a lot the Class 3 Combat Engineer course is 12 weeks long. Once you have completed you Class 2 trade course you will then be posted to an Engineer unit. You put preferences in but it is up to Records as to where you go.
hurrahfortheRE said:
pretty fecked then considering where you work. :D :D :D :D

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