One for the kids - with good portrayal of the limbless

If you're at wit's end with children on a wet Bank Hol and thinking of the flicks, you could do a lot worse than taking the blighters to see How To Train Your Dragon.

The film is nothing at all like the book. And three characters have prosthetics. This is not "done" as a heavy message. Gobber the Belch is a stereotype cross between a mad mullah (hook) and mad pirate (peg leg); but Toothless becoming Tailless and the other character still loving life on a blade are just part of the story. IMHO a good way to show this to children. Especially small ones. And defintely worth it if you need to explain the impact of limblessness if it happens to someone they know.
so watching some shitty film will help my kids understand that people withough arms and legs turn into mullah or pirates ?

I'm sorry you found the film shitty. I found it much more engaging than some I've had the pleasure (?) of sitting through.

And I'm sorry I expressed myself so badly. Even though Gobber was one-dimensional, the other two characters with prostheses learned to recover their joke de vivre. And I found the attitude to recovery very positive.

I'd still recommend it for anyone who is helping a young child come to terms with the loss of a limb: "Daddy's going to need a metal leg, just like on that film" could well be a heck of a lot more comprehensible than an explanation with no childish frame of reference.
Breaking difficult news to children, and dealing with aftermath; yes. Dealing with amputees; a little. Dealing with other vulnerable ex-service personnel yes.

Specifically putting this together to deal with a child about an amputation, no. So ready to put those experiences aside and be educated on what is the best practice by any posters with more direct knowledge.

What are your recommendations? And what is wrong with suggesting this film? (which is no3 in UK this week - so quite a lot of families are getting the message anyhow),

Mr Happy

Saw HOW TO TRAIN A DRAGON yesterday and I thought it was a good film and the 6 and 4 year old thoroughly enjoyed it.

Not convinced about it being a vehicle to introduce limblessness to kids but I can see that it could do that a bit in hindsight. for my money CBeebies does that FAR FAR FAR too much already. My kids, if they weren't at school, would probably be convinced that they were the unusual ones.

thanks for the your post V'

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