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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by angular, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. Having been interested in the SIA thread, I read a bit about the Irish Army. Am I right in thinking that you/they have no armoured counter-stroke capability?

    If the three brigades have, between them, around 18 full-time and reserve battalions, is the concept to make an invader get bogged down during his advance, so that the UN intervenes and it's all sorted out diplomatically, or is there a plan for a light infantry counterstroke to kick the beggars out?

    No classified stuff, of course, but if someone could point me in the direction of public domain information, I'd be grateful.
  2. The Irish Army is a light infantry based force with minimal armour capability. This is due to the low threat level and the fact that much of Ireland is unsuitable for armour due to the size of roads, going underfoot, mountains and water obstacles (eg rivers, lakes).

    Each of the 6 brigades (3 full time & 3 reserve) has a Cavalry Squadron with some light armour (AML 20 & AML 90).

    In addition, there is an armoured cavalry squadron of Scorpions CVR(T) which is an army level asset.

    All of the army's APCs are centralised in one infantry battalion, this unit deploys them overseas and trains the rest of the army in their use.
  3. And if all else fails - there's always the Blue Hussars ;)
  4. Do they still ride blue motorbikes, I wonder?

    Any survivor of the original Blue Hussars must be aged 80 or more - and probably all the more to be feared!
  5. They do escort duties for the president so you'll see them tearing along the roads in the morning in a vee formation ahead of herself's car.
  6. The Blue Hussars haven't been around since the 1930s.

    The Presidental Motorcycle escort comes from members of one of the regular Cavalry Squadrons, it is usually only used on ceremonial occasions.
  7. Sorry to be a pain in the arrse, I know it's your army, but - the name the "Blue Hussars" has been applied to 2 Cavalry Squadron since they took over escort duties from the "actual" Blue Hussars in 1948. (Disbanded by the Long Fella because they looked too British).

    No offence Sarge.
  8. Sorry to be a pedantic pain in the ass Gday

    but as one who shares teh same barracks as 2 Cav Sqdn

    In all my years I have never heard them refered to as "the blue hussars"

    Blue movie stars- whinging cribbers- lazy brastards yes

    never the blue hussars

    In fact I dont even think they can claim

    descendancy from the Blue Hussars

    The Blue Hussars were primarily derived from Artillery Units

    and they were disbanded on grounds of costs etc

    not on other grounds

    here have a look at this link
  9. The Irish Army website and various others disagree with you my man.

    The "Blue Hussars" was never an official title. It was a nickname given to the Mounted Escort because of the blue uniforms they wore - even though they carried lances. When the Mounted Escort was disbanded in 1948 the duties were handed over to 2 Sqn and the nickname carried on. Although it's not an officially recognised title they even have powder blue motorcycles, the same blue which the Mounted Escort used.

    Why? Because it's the colour of the Presidential Flag (and the original colour of the national flag of Ireland).

    I'm not being pedantic with you. The information I have put here is readily available on many websites, including that of Óglaigh na hÉireann. ( and I mean the REAL Óglaigh na hÉireann - not that crowd of feckers who tried to steal the name).
  10. Ref the reason for disbandment of the original Mounted Escort. It had nothing to do with cost. It was the Dev, no matter what claptrap he put out in 48.

    Don't forget, he also took the Free State out of the Commonwealth and damned the country to 70 odd years of poverty - he never admitted why he did that either but we all know why.

    It's been said many times that the Dev never did anything because of his love of Ireland, he did everything because of his hatred of Britain.
  11. go ahead and open the link

    actually I apoligise

    I posted the link as an edit

    but I think it clears up the point

    except your extraordinary love and admiration for The Long Fella

    (he wouldnt be my favourite- as a Soldier I am a fan of the Big Fellow)
  12. Don't take my views on the Dev as being any kind of prejudice. I speak from the heart as a true Irishman, even if I was born in the Black North. I have worse to say about today's Northern politicians (those who deserve it anyway). Nothing I've ever read has done anything but re-inforce my detestment of how Dev allowed the people of Ireland to suffer because of his own intrinsic hatred of the British.

    Note your comments about the Big Fella and direct your attention to the painting "Love of Ireland".

    We may have similar views.
  13. There is a large portion down here have no great love for Dev

    He was to put it midly a bit of a bollox

    he still has the capacity to polarise peoples opinion

    and we dont call it the black North any more

    its now called the Aisan Quarter
  14. I concur. If you want to identify the source of most of the woes of most of the inhabitants of the 26 counties for most of the 20th century, Dev's your man.

    The day he died I think we all got drunk, including the dog. (Two pints of Arthur can do a lot to a Jack Russell.)

    And I'm sure we'd have similar views . . .
  15. We may have similar views

    And I'm sure we'd have similar views

    I totally agree

    if only the politicans had left it to us Soldiers to sort out the problems

    there would be a lot of lads sitting in there own shite still in prison

    rather than in a governement office

    both ends of the island