One for the Irish - Condemned by our neglect of the war dead

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by flamingo, Oct 11, 2007.

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    A valid arguement. Is this something that Irish ARSSERS should start lobbying Bertie the Brown (envelope), etc about?

    (Please, can the usual suspects not turn this into the usual anti-Irish slagging match - save that for the NAAFI :) )

    Department of Foreign Affairs

    e-mail -
  2. e-mail sent... c'mon guys!
  3. Quite right that the Irish should be represented.
  4. An Taoiseach Albert "that money was only resting in my account" Ahern :lol:

    I'm afraid it's our national chip on the shoulder about anything British which betrays a fundamental lack of self-confidence and immaturity as a nation.

    Anyway I'll support this. Might get support here as well
  5. Currently working with some Irish Troops - fine men all of them! I yay well have a wee dram with them on 11/11 at the Latin Bridge to commemorate our Fallen.
  6. oh yes email sent btw
  7. Is the Inat Kuca still the best value meal in town?
  8. The Irish president, Mary McAleese, gave this Speech in Northern Ireland when opening a new exhibition at the Somme Heritage Centre. Great to see that in one breath she mentions the Somme and in the next the Easter uprising??? No fcuking surprise there then. But the Republic is only now getting their arrse into action and honouring their fallen!!! Over 90 years too late.

    However at the 90th Anniversary of the Somme, which I was honoured to attend, the Irish Government, for the first time, did send a representative. Mary Hanafin, the Education Minister, was joined with Peter Hain, the then Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. In another snub to the British the Republic of Ireland STILL don't, and probably never will, favour the poppy; instead they lay a wreath of laurel leaves.

    It was also strange to see, at Guillemont, the Band of the Royal Irish Regiment, playing the Republics National Anthem, a soldier’s song, and even stranger to see Rev Ian Paisley standing proud whilst it was playing!!! If Big Ian respects the Irish sacrifices in the War then the Republic should do more themselves; and without tainting their memory by drawing attention to the Easter uprising!!!. :pissedoff:
  9. No Cuddles there are loads of places now but it still does good scoff and reasonable beer. In fact I may take the Irish Band of Brothers there and have a Sliva at the appointed time - I am sure they will approve so I will ask next Tuesday when I see them at Kula.
  10. Thinking on this, it reminds me that as soon as the Brits go, the natives start killing each other - perhaps Eire would rather remember the dead Irish killed by Irish than those that stopped the Hun in the Great War and those who stopped the spread of German as the official language of Europe in the second show!
  11. Unfortunately if the state doesn't commemorate 1916 then the lads in black balaklavas will - better than having gangs of paramilitaries hijacking it and attempting to grab some spurious respectability.
  12. Correct! At least this way its controlled.
  13. Also it's a opportunity to remind certain people that there's only one legitimate "Óglaigh na hÉireann" that has the right to that title. (Though I believe the British Army used to refer to us as the "Free State Fusiliers" :) )