One for the diary civil War buffs!

In the Guild of Battlefield Guides news flash today this event was publicised.

Battle of Roundway Down confernec devizes wanklyn scott turton foard important

Roundway Down is a much underrated battle in the ECW and its' significance is often missed; a bit like that other inconclusive cluster **** Lansdown!

The speakers are first rate and for £14, with all the tea and biscuits you can manage it sounds worthwhile. Especially with the opportunity for a battlefield wander the next day and an evening on the 6X after the talk...

Oh and all of you blue versus grey geeks...this one is the civil war, that colonial nonsense is merely a civil war, in a foreign country which if it was not covered by English language media would no more concern us than the Greek Civil War of 1945 does...


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It should be the Parliamentary Wars really. After all there have been a number of English civil wars.
Quite so bouillabaisse - the history syllabus at St Custard's is still on the top line I see? :biggrin:

All that Towton stuff in the media this week has been sufficient reminder of that sort of thing. The ECW is currently being referred to in the "in-set" as The War of Three Kingdoms. All those Home Counties battle-sites overshadowed the Irish and Scottish elements, despite their being equally significant and often bloodier...
I quite liked "Cromwell" starring Richard Harris but Alec Guinness as King Charles I was the star turn.

WTF?? Erm...thank you for that. Now in sport a wombat has been selected to captain Gloucester next Saturday...

He started the non sequitur thingy!


Just caught this before it sank , neglected ...ECW eh? now you're talking. Roundway Down and the Kings forces rout the Roundheads. Made me dig out and dust off the old Windows 3.1 ECW double CD box set with the complete text of S R Gardiner , no small authority on the Protectorate and the Puritans. Hailing from Leicester and Lincoln we had our fair share of skirmishes and battles, siege of Leicester, leading up to Naseby (OK its Northants) , Lincoln Cathedral, dont u know. Leicester might have a certain rep, but it's well steeped in history, even with Richard's demise at Bosworth, (sorry, different war). Mind you it's not every Monarch who gets thrown in the River Soar . I better stop now I can feel a sermon coming on...

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