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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by MSI64, May 1, 2007.

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  1. Ok here is the point have seen alot of posts on here about kids and was kind of wondering, We all say it wont be our kids getting in strife but does that really meet with reality?
    Does being in the Army make you a good parent, is discipline in your household Regimental or do you leave that at the door.Did having parents in the Forces keep you on the straight and narrow as a kid or did it make you rebel?
    Just curious what others think as the CO home forces said to me the other night in a voice that could scratch glass "Stop treating him like a squaddie he is only two" Granted he was leopard crawling in the back garden for gobbing off
    Any comments welcome.
  2. set the scene we are a bunch of blokes in our late teens .
    we all come from familys where our parents or grand parents were in the army .

    like your toddler we were brought up like little soldiers , its ok to do it when you are younger but buy the time you are 14 plus you just get fed up with being ordered about .

    people say to us why havent we joined the army , we tried cadets and it was o.k. but like all things in life you get fed up with the same thing you want a change . its just nice to come home with out some one giving you orders and making decisions for you .

    we are not saying we are not going to join up in the future but the more you keep trying to treat him like a soldier he is going to resent you and by the time he is 18 plus he will be that fed up of being ordered about he will have second thoughts of joining up.

    At least on this site we can come on here have some fun and get to know about the army with out somone giving us lectures .
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Utter garbage, yet again. You are not welcome here, you have no military connection other than harassing people on this site.

    Do one.
  4. When I read this type of material I usually ignore it and click on a link to something else.

    In this case I'll make an exception and post.

    This is utter crap.
  5. Fugly you know nothing about us , Our point is what have you done to encourage young lads like our selves at least we have been help to curb our attitude and yes we did follow flash around the threads because most of the time flash,ptp,bco,gco,p.g etc are bloody good senior officers who you can really learn a lot from o.k. we do tend to post rubbish in the arrse hole but on these serious boards we are telling the truth .

    this site is a real credit because it helps lads like our selves think twice about our attitude not everyone is lucky enough to have a old man/old bird they can look up to .

    our mate joined up last year and he totally messed up why because he had a bad attitude and could not cope with a junior officer acting like a senior officer like we were speaking about over a couple of beers if my auntie had told this guy before he joined about this site then the senior officers could have had a chat with him and told him where he was going wrong now he as left the army because he went in head first with out proper advise from someone in the know

  6. Im sorry really sorry

    Sorry that is that someone capapable of posting such utter drivel is not heavily medicated at all times.
  7. hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha. Tube.
  8. There's a couple parents somewhere, that must be soooooo proud.
  9. The likes of lynxsey/nathan are our countries future.
    We're fcuked.
  10. what flash with you and you co sorting out our attitude we would end up behaving just to have peace and quiet .
    our mate told us what its like if we step out of line with a senior a officer in the army no thanks we would rather behave than mess about .

    thing is you cant afford to mess up in the army if you do not listen, you put yourself and all the other people life's at risk.
    senior officers are only trying to be your old man looking after your interests keeping you safe and you dont mess up
  11. Your old man is a sheep shagging child rapist. How often does he touch you? Do you still like it?
  12. This isn't a gay bar you fucking homo. What fun are you actually having here? The only thing I ever see connected to you is abuse.

    Back on thread, I regularly entertain my son ( 8yrs old) by beasting him to within an inch of his life. He now giggles when I shout 'Press up position down!' and sits in stress positions for hours.

    The funniest thing is his ability to instill military discipline upon his younger brother, frequently refering to him as a Mong and a craphat.

    A proud Father.
  13. Lynxey, do you ever read, what you type, prior to clicking the submit button? Forgetting whether people agree / disagree with your views, your lack of punctuation makes your posts impossible to comprehend. That dream of one day serving with the AGC, seems quite distant I guess.
  14. Now you know why I got shirty with Admin for not banning these trolls straight away. ;-)
  15. Are you the Borg Collective?