One for the Coppers...and the odd FinWO

So, hypothetically speaking.

Let's say there is a chap who has:

1. Ordered subordinates to falsify range management qualifications, and...

2. Actively aided, abetted and (possibly) encouraged his people to commit fraud, although the Fin Whizz Kids may request more info on this hypothetical event, and...

3. Had a beer too many and then decided that was the ideal moment to conduct an MPAR, although he used his hands to 'ram home' some particularly trenchant points he felt he had.

Let's suppose that this hypothetical individual exists, and let's give him the rank of, say, Lt Col: what crime is he committing (hypothetically) - if any, and if not, what should the chain of command so with such a (hypothetical) individual?

And on a completely unconnected and entirely random point, is there still the ability to notify service police of crimes and offences in an anonymous fashion a la BFG Crimeline stylee? Entirely unconnected, you understand...


Your views, please, law enforcement chums.
Quick reply, purely in a criminal law point of view, points 1 and 2 conspiracy to commit false accounting, point 3 assault, either indecent or otherwise depending on sex of "victim" and/or extent of injury.
Allegedly lots of other offences hofficer wise to be found in the MML.
As for it going anywhere, even under Zanu Liabour there is still the requirement for evidence and having people stand up and be counted, give statements and follow it through without bottling out.
Without that none of this is going anywhere.
I am sure Crimestoppers will tell you where to go though, in the nicest possible way.
Chain of command?
Present them with the evidence and it may get passed to the SIB, or it may not. It's their call (and your career)
Get in touch with either the Force Intellignce Bureau in the UK or the Regional Intelligence Cell (Germany) they will be interested in your anon info !
If he is RLC, then hypothetically, he will argue that it was totally out of charecter, and that being de-selected from the pink list was too harsh. Hide out in LAND for a couple of years then reappear on a subsequent pink list with all forgotten.


Why don't you just write to The Sun. Every other f*cker does. It's the future!


Daytona955 said:
smudge67 said:
If it's fraud then you need to speak to the SIB. They'd also relish the opportunity to take down a high ranking officer :)
And you base this childish comment upon what exactly?
Cold , hard fact. You love it. You love it. You love it. You do.

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