One for the chefs... Head wear in messes

Discussion in 'RLC' started by klinger, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. Evening all

    I'm hoping that this is the right place for an answer. What is the official line on head wear in the junior ranks mess. Berets/TOS etc are removed but i'm talkng about civvy stuff. Obviously there are guys & girls who are excused removal on religious grounds, but what can they get away with.

    eg. baseball hats are banned.

    But what about wooly hats? Surely if a young lad who wasn't normally excused head dress walked in wearing a "beanie" he'd be told to get it off :?
  2. It's common curtosy to remove any form of headdress in any mess. The cookhouse is no different as it is a mess.

    The only personnel wearing headdress are chefs (for higene reasons) and ROS/ROO etc to identify them as the POC for moans etc.

    Haven't got a copy of dress regs close to hand but I'm sure it will be in there somewhere. Also it will be in your unit SOP's.

    Tell the scrotes to have some respect for others and get thier hats off.
  3. Thanks for the reply strima, but I think you may have the wrong end of the stick.

    It was a guy who is excused removal of head dress, on religious grounds, that I pulled.

    Tonight he was wearing a wooly hat, which I thought was flaunting the system a bit. And as I say, if anyone else was wearing it they'd have been gripped. :wink:
  4. The guys obviously a knobber, grip him for anything else you can!!
  5. Sorry. It had been a long day dealing with said mongs and I seemed to have turned into one..... :oops: :D
  6. Do you mean he has to keep his head covered for religious reasons? Surely there is some sort of direction on this.
  7. These are his personal (and legally protected) choices: if he is Jewish he may cover his head at all times by whatever means. If he is a Sikh (fully grown male) he may wear a Turban. If he is a Rastafarian he may also cover his head. Apart from that, I don't believe there are any other religions that prescribe headdress. As a Muslim he may wish to wear a scull cap and it is pretty inadvisable to challenge him on this, although that said if he is sufficiently devout to claim a Religious excuse he shouldn’t really be varying this headdress to keep up with current fashion.

    If its really gripping you then get all his details and the specifics of his offences and contact the commission for racial equality ( Its pretty easily done and if they write back and state this bloke is taking the piss (which doesn't exactly trumpet equality - and thus they take a dim view of) then grip away!

    I have seen many black soldiers, particularly on operations with beards due to stubble bump. I have even heard of quite a few claiming stubble bump, whilst not having a chit and kicking the arrse right out of it. I mean whilst you can’t argue with a medical chit, (although a black USN Lt Cdr friend of mine does - insisting they should just shave and bleed as he does), in order to ensure equality the COC is compelled to ensure this cr@p doesn’t happen. Soldiers are by definition scroats looking to get away with as much as they can irrespective of creed. I genuinely believe that we are an EO organization and so should not be intimidated by the need to be overly PC.
  8. Just to add some fuel to the fire....

    The tradition of removing your head dress is down to politeness...

    It is a way of "tipping your hat" in silent prayer for the food that God has provided.

    It grips my shit slightly when we have to obey ethnic minorities religous "beliefs", but the blatantly ignore ours.

    Muslims dont have to cover their hair with a turban, they can also tie it up in a bun, in a similar fashion to the way females do.
    Rastafarians can also opt to do similar and jews only need to cover a portion of their head.

    As I said, this is only to acknowledge a grace for the food they are about to recieve.