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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by kissmekatie, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys,
    question for you all? What body shape do men prefer their women to have? Curvy Kate or skinny Sally? Nigella or Kate Moss? Me and my friends were discussing this at the weekend over a few glasses of wine and to a woman we like our men to built a bit bigger... no rude jokes here please! (or photos, thank you very much!) But we started wondering if you blokes are not the same, are curves the bad thing we girls think they are? Can we finally ditch the diets? Do you guys actually... god damn it.. prefer curves?

    Over to you!
  2. Bore off slapper.
  3. Yes! There's nothing worse than getting bruises from her hips! Anyway, dieting makes women even more tetchy than usual!
  4. Just how curvy are you Katie? Do you have your own horizon?
  5. This is going to be a big bird isn't it, probably so big she has her own gravitational field.
  6. [video=youtube;2ImZTwYwCug][/video]
  7. Nope you couldnt be more wrong, have curves but not fat! Maybe you guys dont understand the difference between Nigella and Dawn French. One is fat, and nothing wrong with that, the other is curvy. Not so hard a concept to grasp is it for those with more than one brain cell.
  8. I'll take what I can get
  9. Dave, is that you?
  10. We've only got your word for that haven't we Katie. Give us your postcode and we can have a look at you on Google Earth.
  11. Sunoficarus pretty much summed it up there.
  12. I would, but I doubt anyone could see me because you big fat arse and gigantic ego would block out any view
  13. you might be able to see through the gap were my tiny cock is
  14. Have you considered suicide? You can't find a man because you probably have a face like a Leyland Sherpa and an arse like a Ford Transit. You are half woman half van.
  15. You're right about the huge ego, but then its pointless being modest and self deprecating when you're as awesome as me.
    Are you troubled much by flies and bluebottles?