One for the ATOs incident 74/75 Northern Ireland

Discussion in 'RLC' started by brettarider, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. One for the old timers,
    Speaking to a work colleague today (ex scaly back) he told me of an incident back in 74/75 were a Ford Popular with yellow wheel trims had a controlled explosion carried out on it outside the main Naafi in Lisburn across from the camp.
    Yup it was his he bought it for a tenner in the pub and never registered it as it came with no tax and MoT
  2. Quite possibly. The walls of the bar at 1 Section, GCH Belfast were covered in hundreds of car number plates, from vehicles 'tended to' by one of the three teams, Tigercat, Bearcat & Bobcat. Wonder what happened to all the plates when GCH/old Post Office was vacated?
  3. When I was the Bearcat Operator in Girdwood, there were still several number plates on the walls of the Catz Club, I even put up about 5 there myself! Dont know what happened to them (and all the painted blast walls) when we moved out of Girdwood Park SF base - really hope they weren't just thrown out!
  4. It should have been dealt with by the Lisburn Team (24E). There were 4 teams in Belfast and I'm going to blush fecking badly here because they were Tigercat, Bearcat & Bobcat and - A.N. OTHER possibly Wildcat ?:oops: And I commanded No 1 Sect 321 EOD!

    My excuse is was my Birthday yesterday and I'm getting so old I smell of wee!

    I have no idea where the number plates went but there were literally hundreds of them.
  5. Happy Birthday R-M, for my tour I was C/S 24S
  6. You've obviously addled your remaining brain-cells R-M.

    Wildcat was/is the OC.

    Might have been a tomcat at one stage?
  7. This is getting worse. I need to make telephone calls!

    Tomcat - oh I don't know FFS? I am looking at the photo of mes'en in front of Belfats City Hall but still no fecking idea. It was 1979 - can anyone smell p1ss?
  8. When locations were closed in NI, any memorials and Unit plaques, signs etc, like the ones up the side of BBK, were removed to KGR. Units were than asked if they wanted them for museums etc. Memorials unclaimed were going to be placed in the Garden at PBK.
    So as too the Number Plates I would suggest 321 have either stored them or more likely disposed, you'd have to ask 321.
    As for the murals on the Blastwalls, sadly they have been painted over and removed by the contractor. Unless the unit managed to cart the wall away. Which I am pretty sure 321 didn't. But there were photgraphs taken.
    Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrows springs to mind.
  9. If the incident happened then Stats Cat, if there is still such a beast would be able to dig through the records and come up with an answer. I remember having to trawl through the records for 1971 after a bloke wandered into an RUC station about 15 years later claiming to have blownup a pub on the Springfield Rd and he wanted to be arrested. They wanted me to confirm whether he was a Walt nutter or an actual bomber nutter. IIRC he was of the former kind.

  10. I was the last Stats Cat. The post folded last August along with EOD Branch HQNI when 321 was absorbed into 11 EOD Regt. The records are all still there though and I still frequently go over to NI to dip into them for academic research purposes. If I had a more specific date (74/75 was a busy time) and if I could be arsed I could have a look the next time I go over - which is next month.
  11. I would have thought most of the GCH stuff went to Sydenham sometime in the late 70s. No 1 section moved out of Sydenham into Moscow camp in Oct 82 and took all the stuff out of the Felix club. There was a fair number of plates left, but not as many as were in GC. There was only one team at Girdwood in those days, with only minimal accommodation as the team only stayed there 24 hrs..

    We also moved location in Girdwood that summer - originally the team location was by the main gate in a couple of Nissan huts. The new accomodation was in a building at the back of the camp - was this the one that got the "murials" on the blast wall?
  12. Cheers I'll push him for more info but with time he's forgotten things like the reg etc of the car I'll try and jog his memory a bit more
  13. I've half an idea the other team was Lynxcat, but don't ask me why! I was the No2 with Bobcat in 77
  14. This may not be quite relevent to this post but it happened in July '75.

    I am an ex A.T and was at Kineton from 1973 to 1976.
    Cal Brown and Gus Garside were killed at Forkhill on 17 July.
    I was a good friend of Cal and was one of the coffin bearers at his funeral and Gus was one of my instructors at Chepstow.
    A couple of weeks ago I attended the RAOC Online weekend at Kineton, the main reason for going was to see the EOD Memorial facing the main gate.
    I went and saw it as soon as I arrived at midday.
    This was the first chance I have ever had to see the memorial and to pay my respects to a good friend and other AT's I knew in my service.
    Seeing the names on the plaques was very emotional for me but it is something I had to do and had been wanting to do it for years.
    On Saturday we laid a wreath at the foot of the statue and took a few moments silence.

    When I left the depot on Sunday morning I felt good in myself for what I had done, and even better knowing I will be back next year.

    John Hubbard
  15. The new 321 bar in Aldergrove is now up and running. I was pleased to see that the best of the historical stuff is up and on display. Old number plates and team photos amongst other stuff. The bar has been done out well and a credit to the lads who had the job of sorting it all out. Only a few months ago 321 was just a mess of empty offices and MFO boxes.