One for the anoraks

The big red letters "BEDFORD" give it away. ;) Looks like a MK thats been modified by some southern african nation, I'd guess Rhodesia pre Zimbabwe to give protection in likely-mined areas. Then it's been used to give safari tours. Just a guess. Compare it with a Ratel or a Buffel of the SADF.
Just spent about an hour searching the web, but haven't found a similar photo (YET!), other than the source of the one you posted. If you'd said it was an exhibit at the 1999 Beltring War and Peace Show.....

If you're really interested, you could ask the organisers for the contact details of the exhibitor at: Us/12
Used to have pretty much the same thing based on the old Bedford RL chassis out in Salalah many moons ago. Supposedly mine proof, and shaped cab/body deflects blast. That was the theory anyway.
Yep, I seem to remember the SADF putting together a batch load of these, designed to reduce to occupants from mines. It does have an official designation, but I'll be buggered if I can remember what it is.
Bedford Mine Protected Artillery Tractor.
Evaluated by AFVRE but never adopted.
Any relation to the Bedicopter? (Alternate name Truckules)

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