One for Sergey: The Future of Russia

Russia has a future? :mrgreen:


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Quote from the article
Russia not only should be a great power, but is one. Second, they fear that unless Russia is a great power, it will fall apart.

:lol: great article :lol:
"Instead of leading to its dissolution, a Russia that stops trying to be the great power that it is no longer capable of being can instead start to become the great country that it could be like Canada already is."
So Russia should aspire to being "the great country" that Canada is - a one-party state with no ability or willingness to defend itself, ruled by the diktats of the politically correct (hold on, isn't it two of these things already?)

Relating to this subject, I kicked off this thread recently:
I'll speak up for the Canadians since they're all too polite to argue with you, Gallowglass. :D

Too weak to defend itself, Canada does not really even try to do so, but relies on the United States for its defense instead.
Defend themselves against whom (or what)? Is the US defending the Canucks against the polar bear menace? Is that why they're all for global warming?

The U.S. is also Canada's biggest export market.
And vice versa...
Fair enough crabtastic, but you have to admit that the Canadian Armed Forces have been systematically and deliberately run-down and effectively emasculated by decades of largely Liberal Party policy. There are many countries in the world about whom the 'defend against what?' question could be asked, but asking that question any time this sort of issue is raised is a little lazy - the 'it might never happen' school of thinking from whence this oft-heard question springs has an unfortunate habit of being caught with its trousers down when the proverbial balloon goes up. Such thinking held sway in Britain, France (the Maginot Line mentality) and in Norway (which actually disbanded its armed forces in the 1919-39 period) prior to the Second World War. Any country that takes itself seriously - that actually has any sense of national pride - will equip itself with armed forces sufficent for the defence of the state; the Canadian Armed Forces no longer possess that ability, which is a point of national shame and a serious dereliction of duty on the part of the Canadian Government.

In order so that a nation will never have the question 'defend against whom?' answered, it is the moral and patriotic duty of those who govern such a nation to ensure that the nation can defend itself.

I have many Canadian cousins, so I was not having a crack at Canada (a great country) itself, rather the mentality and actions of many in its governing classes.

Who Killed the Canadian Military?: What Canada Must Do to Defend Itself in the 21st century by J.L. Granatstein is worth having a look at (it is not however the only reason I hold the opinions I do on this subject).
The difference between Canada and GB, France etc. is that their only immediate neighbours are polar bears, fish and Spams (who have been generally quiet since 1812 or so). They quite literally have to go out of their way to create enemies, which they're not very good at doing because they're all too fckung nice.

The problem that shames Canada (and the former Canadian Consul General in LA was a friend of mine) is that the CF is too small and too underfunded to undertake the overseas deployment that Canadians would like them to. PSOs, humanitarian assistance etc. The Canucks have, quite rightly built up a worldwide reputation for this type of mission and it has served them well in their niche diplomacy. Any serious military thinker will tell you that there is no military threat against Canada. The terrorist threat will not be defeated with MBTs and massive amounts of airpower. It will be defeated by playing well with others and sharing your toys, good intelligence and the occasional waiter with a silenced pistol.
Though you can up set the canadians eventually by asking them repeatidly whats it like in the US army took about 3 days at nijemgian
about the same time as the met to get the ask the police the time joke(but thats because there thick :roll: )
all though asking the us marines what it was like in the us army had a much better pay off :twisted:

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