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In doing my bit for the cause I sent an e-mail to Haig Homes (They own 51 homes in Ashtead and the 10 homes in Alexander Godley Close, off Chalk Lane).

I have had an interesting reply asking to arrange a meeting with Maj Gen Peter Besgrove, Chief Executive of Haig Homes, about the matter. As I live in Norway, and am not connected to the command of the campaign, it is not easy to comply to such an invitation.

I thought it might be something you, or another, might consider investigating what Haig Homes can do.

I have copied the e-mails below. If you wish me to send your details such as e-mail or telephone number I will pass them on. Alternatively you can get in touch directly with Ann Clark on the telephone number in the e-mail below.

Graham Cordwell
Ex-2 Para Falklands

Dear Mr Cordwell
I write on behalf of the Chief Executive of Haig Homes, Maj Gen Peter Besgrove. He has read your email with interest and would like to meet you to discuss this matter as soon as possible. Perhaps you could call me on 020 8685 5783 to arrange a suitable time.

Kind regards
Ann Clark

Ann Clark PA to Chief Executive and General Secretary
Haig Homes, Alban Dobson House, Green Lane, Morden, Surrey SM4 5NS
Tel: 020 8685 5783 Email: annc @

Dear Haig Homes,

I am a member of SAMA82, an organisation representing Falklands Veterans.

I am sure you have become aware of the growing interest and campaign regarding SSAFAs purchase of a property at 36 Grays Lane, Ashtead, Surrey and the strong opposition by local residents to oppose the planning application associated with the purchase.

SSAFA wish to use the 6bedroom property as temporary residence for families visiting injured servicemen and women at Headly Court in Epsom, approximately 2 miles from from Grays Lane.

During the massive interest surrounding this story, it has come to my notice that Haig Homes owns 51 properties in Ashtead and 10 properties in Alexander Godley Close, off Chalk Lane in Ashtead. Chalk Lane joins Grays Lane and many residents there oppose SSAFAs application.

On further investigation it is revealed that the residents of Alexander Godley Close have never been canavssed for their opinion about SSAFAs application by The Ashtead Park Estate Management Co Ltd (APEM), which seems to be the driving force behind the objections, whereas all other residents have.

Not being in command of all the facts, it is easy to assume that they have been excluded because all the residents of Alexander Godley Close are ex-servicemen or women. I hope this is not the case, but nontheless is seems very coincidental.

I would be grateful if Haig Homes can give me some background information on Alexender Godley Close and how it came about. I hope that Haig Homes can take an active interest in this case and support the application with a letter of support.

Yours Faithfully,

Graham Cordwell
Member SAMA82
Good evening,

I thought I would just drop a quick line to wish SSAFA and its ARRSE supporters all the best at the meeting at Ashstead on Wednesday.

The campaign has been remarkably successful in a very short time and it has been fascinating to watch it develop. Congratulations.

The next matter I mention with a certain hesitance and diffidence given that we have crossed swords over BAFF.

In the event this goes to appeal and you need further assistance I would be very happy to discuss how my call centre might be able to help, for example:

I expect SSAFA and the ARRSE team are receiving quite a lot of telephone calls some of which they cannot answer, so we could take the overflow.

We could take subscriptions, especially from those who are reluctant to do it on the Internet using the likes of PayPal and prefer to do it over the phone instead.

We could provide you with a voice mail facility (better and more capacity than an answerphone) on which callers can leave messages which you can access remotely – this would be free of charge.

We could provide you with a Bulletin Board where you could post messages for others to listen to - this would be free of charge.

Whilst the last two items would be FOC, I do not promise to handle calls free of charge also, but I will certainly be able to offer a discount on our normal tariff so I hope it would be worthwhile discussing to see if there is a meeting of minds or any other way we might be able to help.

Finally, I will quite understand and no offence taken if you feel you do want to deal with my company in the light of views I have expressed in ARRSE.

Best wishes,

Gavin Peck.

Mobile: 07970 105199
Office: 01635 573208

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