One for all you America-haters out there...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AndyPipkin, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. What shíte -- talk about empty vessels make most noise.
  2. mmm, young Conservatives, nice...
  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    the point about israel is debatable, depending on your pov...
  4. God bless America.

    I'm glad they have saved humanity (albeit only for the past 50 years.......what did the human race do for the 20,000 years before the Yanks tipped up on the world stage?).

    The film clip seems to have negleted the other minor issues that have caused all those nasty dictators to become prevelant though.
  5. 'a world without america... a world with more british tanks'

    who was the voice of that??? any self-respecting brit wouldn't do that....
  6. I take this is a pish-take? :shakefist:

    I am going to send this clip to some friends from Latin America... Maybe they could imagine a world where US-funded/trained death squads hadn't dragged their relatives off in the middle of the night...

    p.s. I generally like America and Americans, but like all peoples they have done some pretty shitty things... And why is a British political website blowing smoke up their arrses?
  7. I love a good comedy.

    The list of benefits provided by the US (flashed up at the end) included:

    A free Taiwan (Is it free? If so, then mainland China hasn't been informed),
    A free Afghanistan (let's wait out on this one),
    The motor car (steam powered - French 1769, electric powered - Scottish 1832, petrol fuelled - German1885, first yank car - 1893),
    40% of the world's R&D (really? I thought most of the geniuses were immigrants),
    22 of the world's top 30 universities (?????),
    The bra (probably invented about 2500BC in Crete, but the yanks were the first to patent one),
    Denim jeans (forgot to mention that the fabric came from Nimes).

    I did like the bit about the Russians marching down the Champs Elyssee, though.
  8. And the America-haters are indeed out in force!

    Here's another one or you, and remember - you' be speaking German or Russian if it wasn't for the good ole US of A!
  9. My father worked with the Septics a lot in WW2. He has a good phrase:

    "Love them or hate them, thank God they're on our side."
  10. NFI
  11. Not wishing to belittle individual efforts and sacrifices, but wasn't the inclusion of clips of Vietnam a bit of a faux pas?
  12. Sigh. OK, you'd be speaking German, Russian or Vietnamese without them...
  13. Hmmmmm, Is this a wah?

    The motorcar ? I thought Benz was the first company to start production of cars.

    Liberation of the falklands islands? I was not aware of american troops fighting in this campaign. I thought the US were careful to remain "friends" with argentina. So they could sell arms to both countries

    They talk about a world without Israel, as if that would have been a bad thing. Israel a country founded by terrorists.

    elvis presley, denim jeans, would we really miss them ?