One for all of the REMF Gurkha bashers on ARRSE

Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. One for all of the REMF Gurkha bashers on ARRSE -

    Lieutenant Angus Mathers, 26, with 2nd Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles, was based in Nauzad. During a particularly busy two-week period the Gurkhas were attacked on 28 occasions. “We had 28 tics [troops in contact] in two weeks. They ranged from one hour to five or six hours,” said Lieutenant Mathers.

    During several of the battles Taleban fighters got to within 10metres (30ft) of the Gurkha platoon house. They launched rocket-propelled grenades, threw grenades and fired Kalashnikov assault rifles.

    “It was terrifying,” said Gurkha Rifleman Dic Limba, 22. “Ten metres is close contact. At night you could see the flash of the weapon and the tracer rounds. Some of the boys got hit in their helmets. I was firing a 50 cal and got hit on my weapon.”

    Although most of the attacks in Nauzad took place during the night, the Taleban also had a sniper who fired during the day. “It was very accurate,” said Rifleman Limba.

    Lieutenant Mathers told The Times: “After your first battles, including a six-hour one, you get battle inoculated pretty quickly. The guys are battle hardened.”

    “They were never going to get into our platoon house,” added Lieutenant Mathers.

    Article in full,,3-2366294,00.html
  2. Got hit on his 'weapon' - poor Jonny Gurkha... :p
  3. And it's happened to you and you haven't flinched? FFS :roll:
  4. Hurt so much I had to go see a nursing officer to have something rubbed on it to make it better ;)
  5. a_j Where are the REMF Gurkha bashers on this forum? No one has ever denied they are brave, however the incidents you relate are, unfortunately, pretty much par for the infantryman's course in Afghanistan right now (the Brits really need to deploy another brigade there). BTW REMF is so 1960s (I don't think you were around then!), isn't the new buzzword PONTI? Being retired I fit comfortably into that category though was never a REMF!
  6. I'm sure that would be nice but would mean that we would have 3 of our 7 'fighting' brigades deployed at once - 1 in Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan. What with still having to provide troops in the Balkans, Falkland Islands, Cyprus (with the UN) and Northern Ireland, it certainly would make for interesting family lives...
  7. The more troops they can keep out of the country the better for the government. I am sure the actions of the Wilson era are still fresh in the minds of the older Labour MP's.
    The goings on in Thailand will only serve to remind them of their worries then.
  8. When was anyone bashing Gurkhas on here?
  9. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Isn't 39 Inf Bde also deployed? ie in Ulster.
  10. that would be the "colonial anachronism, my regiment got amalgamated instead of johnny foreigner's, some gurkha didn't do his job properly, its all a myth how good they are" school of occasional contributors to the forum.
    read some of the old threads to get an idea of how one's own regimental pride can manifest itself as lashing out at others
  11. I'm most definitely not a Ghurka basher (I was in fact with 48 (Ghurka) Inf Bde HQ in 1967) but you could easily substitute the name of any regiment that's served in Afghanistan into this article and it would be just as true. I still insist that the old county regiments and their successors are the backbone of the British Army, their names may not be fashionable but their records speak for themselves.
  12. Comes back to the issue of needing an enlarged army if we are to continue bliar's crusades, if this this were ever to happen the gurkha's might be the solution, easilly recruited, loyal, fit, good soldiers and sky high retention figures when compared to other units.
  13. Sort of misses the point mate. We wouldn't be in as much of a pickle if the blooody government would stop cutting the size of the Army back in the first place, and if they funded the Army properly.

    Now if your argument is that Gurkhas present a huge resource of cheap, quality soldiers then why not save the tax payer billions by axing all UK troops and subcontract the whole lot out to Nepal?
  14. Duuh! I thought this was going to be porn:

    REMF gurkin bashing on arrse.... "Bum", I think would be the appropriate comment!

    But while I'm here, I always think you Inf types underestimate the dangers of a towering 3 story stack of blankets. There would be no bashing at all if the brave men of the RLC didn't risk going MIA every day to supply you with something to hide under.

  15. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    There are no good or bad units or troops. There is merely good or bad officers.

    A cliche no doubt, but then it a trusim nonetheless.