One Eyed Jock In Baghdad Not Basrah. Whose PM will he be?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Stonker, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. Gordon Broon: more of the same Noo LieBar bollox

  2. Gordon Broon: pushing his way past B'liar, en route to Dubya's colon - things are going do

  3. Gordon Broon: the visionary and charismatic leader we have awaited for 10 years

  1. I've just cottoned on to this (and can't find it elsewhere):

    That thrifty Broon bloke from No 11, who has been starving Defence of ££ for the last 10 years has today visited Iraq secretly.

    Did he visit our troops? God forbid - mebbe he saw the pix on here of of 'Tone With The Troops' a week or two back.

    No - he went to Septic Central, Baghdad instead.

    Are we inspired?
  2. Haven't a moral right to vote (as a foreigner) but I predict that mr.Brown will be an outstanding (if not great) PM.
  3. Sergey, I'll see your "outstanding" and raise you a "just as much of a wänker as the last slimy shite".

  4. Sneaking in as PM unelected. What a chopper.
  5. Gordon Brown..a fine example of a complete turd. Hes been hanging around for the past 10 years...just waiting to get in, take whats left of the Forces and squeeze the shite out of them. If he gets his way..and he probably will with defence cut will be mass chaos, and have just one large UK Corp cap badged Armed Forces.
    He didnt have the bo!!o3ks to go an visit troops in Basra the slimey wee shit£.
    I think its time for a military Coup as i belive he is a communist.
  6. He is the man who is going to finish what Tony the tw"t started.....take this once and great Nation and turn it upside down, tax middle England to the brink of bankruptcy.....fill it with anti-English flag waving looney lefty ethnics.............sorry thats already happened!
  7. [align=center] :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    Sven: Swedish term for 'knobjockey'[/align]

    Edited to add: which would explain the single vote (at this point) for Option 3.

    [align=center] :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D [/align]
  8. Sven,

    Unless my recognition radar is in for its annual calibration, your hyperlink alludes to what appears to be a rather substantial, dare i say it (W) RAF individual and a pussers issued Matelot.

    Not being a floppy jockey or even a sky-god for that matter, even i could recognise a groundie when i see one, and yes i would know my FARP from my elbow.
  9. In the BBC item

    "Mr Brown has acknowledged that Iraq was a "very divisive" issue, but he has stuck by the decision to go to war."

    No news there, He could'nt do much else really, seeing as he did'nt put his head above ground to disagree with the decision to go to war(based on TB Liar's porkies).

    Advisor says- Chancellor, there's a contentious issue and we need you to comment. Damn he's gone into hiding AGAIN.

    Hands up all those who think he will be any better than TB Liar. Come on don't be shy. WHAT! Nobody. Quell surprise.
  10. I will be brief.

    Brown = chod!

    Any change in liabours treasury squeeze? No
    Any change in liabours 'coalition of the willing'? No
    Any change in liabours makeing the public sector work? No
    Any change in liabours being a bunch of face in the trough cnuts? i think not
  11. Who's the 1 that thought Mong Broon was a visionary and charismatic leader.

    Not Sven by any chance?
  12. So

    For correcting You when You said

    "Did he visit our troops. . . . .

    . . . . . No - he went to Septic Central, Baghdad instead."

    I'm a knobjockey?

    Better than being a bitter old man who can't come to terms with the decisions He made I suppose :roll:
  13. Not me, despite what the bitter old man thinks