One day of the year, can't we all get along?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armynavyabingdon, Nov 26, 2010.

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  1. Philip Laing & Abu Rahin Aziz are as bad as one another!

  2. Student got it rough- we should be worried about hardliners who want to kill us all. he is forgiven

  3. The student deserved 250hrs CS. the extremists deserve publicity- and give them extra benefits!

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  4. I think its all a load of bollocks, really. Im off to make a brew

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  1. Gentlemen,

    Can I bring to your attention the following story-

    Police guard for poppy burner | The Sun |News

    (I don’t know if anyone else has covered it here)

    In the grand scheme of things, he just burned a piece of red cloth. Big deal. He paid for the cloth, joke is I suppose on him.

    But....shouting insults during the 2 min. Silence goes over the boundaries. Are we really the worlds most bullied country that we allow this? Is this not like, letting the school bully come into your house and eat your sweets?

    What do you think would happen if you turned up in new york and did the same thing? Or france?

    It seems like we are more apt to turn on our own;

    Student who urinated on war memorial spared jail | UK news | The Guardian

    if you remember rightly the person who Pi55ed on the war memorial was practically hounded into the ground and almost sent to prison. Every paper reported the incident; everyone wanted to string him up.

    Take into consideration that the guy was drunk and just a kid. It may be a little offensive but in the grand scheme of things, piss comes off stone and kids make mistakes. His life is ruined now.

    But these guys can stand defiant....the 'shock' story reported by the sun was reported again and again for a few weeks The Sun finds poppy thugs | The Sun |News

    and covered more low key in a few more respectable papers....but then silence on the matter.

    Compare the people involved in the poppy burning to the student.

    Student: drunk stupid prank, wont do it again
    Poppy burners: Hatred filled, calculating and done on purpose- loving the attention

    Student: life ruined, fears for himself becuase he things soldiers will recognise him and beat him up
    Poppy burners: Know no one can touch them without accusations of racism, anti-islam-ism and have 'upped their street cred' in their circles.

    But that’s British Justice for you?

    What really saddens me is, these guys need to remember that armistice day is primarily to remember the people who died during world war I and II- protecting THEIR freedom to come and live in the UK- and have freedom of protest etc- if Germany had won the war would Hitler tolerate things like this against the Nazi regime?

    "He called on followers to hold a two-minute silence to honour terrorist Roshonara Choudhry, 21, who was jailed for life this month for stabbing Labour MP Stephen Timms in a failed murder attempt."

    If they are reading this, I have this message to send to them;

    Dear Muslims against Crusades,

    I see that you are intent on ruining a day that is special to a lot of people, without knowing the history behind the day that you ruin.

    I do not know if you are proud or feel that you are helping your brothers in arms when you shout insults at Pensioners, mostly in wheelchairs, who fought a war before any of you were born, on entirely different terms than are happening now.

    Remember that many of these men saw people die beside them whilst fighting a regime that would never have given you the freedom to say the things you do in Public.

    Also these men were able to show outstanding restraint and compassion during their battles. I would like to bring to your attention the ‘Christmas Truce’

    Christmas truce - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I suggest you read this page several times over and reflect on the contents within. My question to you is, if men, living for years in cold trenches, full of disease and with no food, can still find the courage to forgive and respect their enemy for just one day- why can you not give respect to them, when you tonight go home to your comfortable bed and house?

    I believe that people would have more respect for you if you came forward for one day and stood, shoulder to shoulder with these people, and asked for the silence to be observed for your fallen comrades in Afghanistan. I am sure if you asked no one would have even had an objection to you laying a wreath to honour their memories. However asking to hold a silence for someone who is still alive and just been convicted for attempting to murder a civilian here does not get you respect.

    Please remember that the average British Soldier has Respect for his Enemy- medics will treat your wounded- we will not shoot an unarmed man. This has been our tradition for centuries.

    No one says that you should not have the right to protest against something which you feel is wrong. But to do it in a way that takes away the dignity of people who fought for your freedom is only taking any respect away from your argument.

    What is everyone else’s thoughts on this?
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