One council boss can see the writing on the wall

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Sep 15, 2010.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    The chief executive of Bury council has resigned dramatically from his £193,000-a-year position, to ease a looming cash crisis.

    Mark Sanders believes his shock decision will help the council survive the recession and the government’s cuts to local authority budgets, councillors were told.

    The council has unveiled proposals designed to save £28m – £7m a year – over the next four years. It is also facing a potentially multi-million pound payout after hundreds of staff won a battle for equal pay and as with other Greater Manchester councils, widespread job losses to balance the books have not been ruled out.

    The chief executive’s department has been asked to save £500,000 in the next budget.

    Councillors at a meeting of the full council were told that Mr Sanders believes ‘the pain should be shared by all concerned’ and that his retirement would ‘buy time’ for the money-saving proposals to come into force.

    Council chief stands down from £193,000 job to ease cash crisis - Manchester Evening News

  2. And his pension will be??
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  3. Same happened where I worked recently. Chief Executive retired on a huge pension and retirement pot. Salary was £100k, and he had served 40 years in various parts of Local Government. Now that he has left, they're trying to push through severe reductions in redundancy payments which means that many people on 'normal' salaries will see huge chunks taken off them. Wasn't it nice of them to let him leave with a full wallet before screwing those over that actually do the work. I'm hopefully many years from retirement but when you look around and see those on quite average salaries of 16 - 18k but who have worked in public sector for many years and think of how theyre going to get screwed over, i think I should just wear my trousers back to front so they can start screwing me now which will make it less painful in 30 years time!
  4. Talking of council cuts.

    Gloucester City Council are thinking of stopping funding of a Private Company to the tune of £163,000. This company is to promote Gloucester (difficult job). The CEO takes a salary of £65k, and it's 90k in debt.

    It's a bit boring out in shires news, but have a look at the comments as well, could be embarrassing?

    Marketing Gloucester 'caught in crossfire' as crisis meeting takes place
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    Might not be able to reed & rite but I can ride a tractur.
  7. ugly

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    The problem with the equal pay claims admirable as they are is that either councils will cut others pay til parity or regrade the jobs so the girls arent in posts which are scored the same as their male counterparts.
    No win situation and as ever the Unions will piss everyone off, their membership mostly!
  8. The easy way for each and every council to save a fortune would be to sack everyone with the terms "facilitator", "organiser", "community", "outreach" "equality", and "diversity" in their job title/description. The simple fact is our so-called "front line services" that are in such "danger" are actually ram pact with an army of politically-correct activists doing non-jobs that nobody needs.

    In my local authority they spend over half a million a year on translating each and every pamphlet and propaganda piece into a miriad of languages for each "minority population" on the off-chance someone wants to pick one up in Togalog or somesuch shit, the majority of which (according to an FOI request) gets pulped when no-longer needed. We have outreach workers for a pathetically small Somali "community" in one of the towns as well as services for "the travelling community" (read pikeys) all of which we are paying for. At the end of WW2 we had a mass influx of Jewish refugees, people genuinly coming here to rebuild what was left of their lives after the horrors of what they experienced. The indigenous Jewish community managed to integrate them, provide for their own, build businesses, and allowed the second generation to stand on their own two feet. If that happened again you would have Millie Tant and her left-wing cohort paying themselves small fortunes to facilitate, outreach, co-ordinate, and preserve their ethnic identity as a pocket of difference amongst the populus.

    It sickens me.

    Front line services are schools, libraries, waste collection, burying the dead, providing social housing, maintaining public spaces. It doesn't need to be any more and we shouldn't be paying for it.

    And as for the top-cops whingeing that the cuts would mean a breakdown of social order, hasn't it already happened on their watch? Go and buy a copy of Inspector Gadget's book. You get the idea: over 1/3rd of police officers never leave the station and do nothing more than produce stats. Many forces are still putting officers behind desks to monitor follow up times to non-calls to the "client" chav population with nothing better to do than wave their mobile phones in the face of the local plod screaming "that Kelly sent me a text fretining to kill me innit I want her DONE!" as part of the Policing Pledge that the Home Sec scrapped the day after she started the job. Have the forces listened and taken those coppers out of the stations and onto the streets? Have they ****!

    And again, we are paying for this.
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  9. I don't know much first hand about gloucester City council - only what is on the t'interweb. However if they are anything like south gloucestershire, then they are a bunch of wasteful cnuts, who expect me to subsidise the great unwashed of say Yate and in return I get a crap free paper. Which tells me how wonderful S.Glos council is, why I should be grateful they exist to make my life better and that crime will fall in rural areas, once the lesbian disabled arts centres are all up and running.

    I don't think they know that I am literate and therefore have seen where they stand in the rankings of councils. Which is why they put the council element of my council tax - I don't really mind paying for the cops and the fire boys etc - every year but reduce the level of service. Frankly if I take my own dustbin to the landfill - which I assume is full of "green agenda" leaflets printed by S Glos - I would be getting negative services.
  10. Tell me that you weren't thinking that these ******* were exercising even a modicum of benevolence were you? My wife has a 'proper' job in a local authority and she's just been told that it's going in the not too distant future as her department has to make some serious cuts. Fair play, she was expecting it. Meanwhile however, the same department is intending to create new posts which it has 'ring fenced' and are only open to certain members of staff in the department where she works, who just happen to already be on mid £30k p.a. salaries as it is. The new posts will be accompanied by pay rises of up to £5k+ p.a. Those who are better qualified to take up these new posts have been told that they cannot apply. In a nutshell, the jobs are more or less spoken for. Our lass isn't that bothered as fortunately she has other irons in the fire, but there are a few who haven't. They had a meeting the other day where this was delivered. Upon being challenged, the management (who will be keeping their jobs) back peddled and stated that the issue hadn't yet been 'set in stone' and that they valued the opinions of the staff. Put simply, they were hoping that nobody would challenge them and that once informed, no-one would have reason to complain in the future. Unlike some of her colleagues, our lass had nothing to lose by airing her views. They may be shedding staff, but they are looking after themselves and even rewarding themselves in the process. So much for making savings eh? These people will never lose out. No matter what they say or do.

  11. Hmmmmmm.....I suspect a good lawyer could arse f**k the council without lube over that one. Making staff redundant because their post is no longer required whilst creating new posts is pretty close to the limit. If the new posts have any similarity to the redundant posts then ooops.......
  12. And this is where the below average calibre Local Authority legal teams get taken to the cleaners by the big City law firms --representing their clients!
    And who bombs out- yes- its the tax payers, so no change there then.
  13. Elected Councillors can be surcharged if their policy was ruled to be illegal. Witness Dame Shirley Porter's £27 Million pound surcharge......

    If the Council has signed off on this then ALL the councillors could be surcharged..............
  14. I reckon there isn't a Council Chief Exec's job that couldn't be done by a half-decent Lt Col [Salary range £67-77k], you can get a Brigadier with 4 years service for £100k FFS! The whole bunch of Chief Execs should be given a reduncy notice and told to re-apply, and re-apply in the face of some competition from the swathe of OF5-7 being dumped by the MoD.
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