One Click Away From Danger.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by k13eod, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. I watched Panorama last night and it was quite disturbing; all about internet predators. So, this morning I’m a bit concerned about using the damn thing. I am fairly internet naïve and am in my late forties. Does this mean I am in serious danger of being ‘groomed’ by a schoolgirl?

    I don’t know what the worlds coming too; first my dog is in danger of being shot by a police sniper if it plays with a toddler, my car is danger of being expensively damaged by quad riding seven year olds and now I could be sexually manipulated by teenage girls!

    Anyone else feel equally vulnerable?
  2. I'm not very thin (understatement) and fear that if I eat another pie all the Doctors in the NHS wil catch leprosy and die.

    We are obviously life's natural predators !.
  3. Internet predators ? Naive ? Groomed ?

    No worries; you´re on ARRSE mate, so I´m sure MDN will volunteer to "look" after you :twisted:
  4. MDN? Surely it's the quiet ones you need to fear! 8O Watch out for Litotes... :D
  5. MDN is hardly the Lolita promised me by Jeremy Whine!
  6. I guess Jeremy lied to you then :omfg:
  7. The question has to be just how many of these "teenage female predators" are really MDN in disguise?
  8. So you've had the MDN 'experience' then? (Book early to avoid dissapointment through
  9. i watched that drival!!

    the two school girls knew what they were doing and they loved it(probably thought it was a local kev or dean from down ta rec),and most go to a MEET all slapped up!!

    its called prick teasing !

    the young bloke was the only one who got paid to strip.

    they act like they are all inocent when talking to this internet friend, but most are stripping down to a webcam in the next room and wonder why after being sooooooooooooooo stupid that they get pervs finding them!!

    no pc`s in the bedroom is a good way to stop it and the main problem is the parents dont abuse thier kids enough so the kids go looking else where!

    incest is a game the whole family can play... :evil:

    id love to meet a perv after id spent hrs winding him up and getting him steamy,then kick him square in the balls while letting my ferret chew on his ball sacks..
  10. I've been using the internet for years and haven't yet been approached for sex by a fourteen year old.
  11. One can always live in hope...
  12. Pretty much all of them, how do you think I met him?

    Imagine the surprise when, equipped with C&A aged 12 knickers, a bottle of tingly lube, my 7 year old unused condoms and a bag of Mint Imperials, I turned up at the playground to meet "Alice" and was instead met by an 18 stone, 42 year old northern transvestite complete with piggy tail wig and badly fitting gym skirt.

    Shocked? I was all the way to the hotel room (didn't want to waste the £40 or the lube).
  13. Could have been worse ... could have been a 6' 6" 18 stone police officer who turned up straight from accompanying George Micheal in the local park f!sting parlour ... at least you still managed to have fun!