One b@stard down....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Nov 9, 2004.

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  1. From the Times today:

  2. Rats and sinking ships come to mind ,if we are lucky.
  3. Ivor Caplin visited my (TA) rifle company in Basra earlier this year. V v unimpressive. The blokes tore him apart in a question and answer session which he didn't expect to be so challenging. He was initially quite casual and New Labour but became quite "minister ish" and prickly as the battering got worse.
    The G5 bloke kept looking at his civil servants who all kept looking at me to do something. I'm afraid I was enjoying it too much to help him...
  4. He visited our TAC some time after we got back from Telic and he also received some uncomfortable questions from our guys. I reckon he only visited to get free drinks and food on the rupert's mess :D
  5. Well done Oldandcold.

    To call the man "lightweight" is to be complimentary in the extreme. Has his nose so far up Bliar's arrse that he can lick the back of his lying teeth.

    Parliament will be a better place without him.
  6. Just that fat, flute-playing, oxygen-thief Ingram and TCH to go then....... :twisted:
  7. What splendid news!

    I wrote to my MP a while back, about why I could not claim discount on Council Tax for the Mess being my main residence, since it's where I spend almost all my time. He forwarded it to Hoon, and the reply came from Caplin, who managed to fill two sides of A4 and still not answer the question.