One Army?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hartman, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. ** RANT ALERT **

    I recently applied for an adventure training course to be told regular forces have priority, and I didn't get a place.

    Previous experience and existing qualifications were stated as being an important additional factor and I scored highly with both; however that wasn't enough and the fact that I am TA moved me to the bottom of the list.

    When are we going to ditch the notion of one Army and revert to them and us - or start taking these people to task who discriminate against the reserves?

    They can't have it both ways!

  2. Im outraged
  3. And if we are 'one army', why are there guys in my company on their 5th weekend with no uniform, why cant we get forces railcards and why cant we get our mod90's for forces discount?
  4. Out of interest which AT Course is/was it?

    And on the MOD90 topic above, I have never had an issue getting mine, nor anyone else in my unit.
  5. because your units admin is shite? I had stand up kit issue immediately after attestation (and I mean, within 20 minutes of getting measured up) and got full issue the week later, even with the system down. The only reason my MOD90 took its time is because I didn't know my blood group and had to go give blood.

    The railcard thing has been done to death, no?
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Boo hoo.

    "Life isn't really fair" shocker.

    So the regular army gets preference for a course which is one of the fun parts of being in the army, in reward for being available at all times, at no notice, and with no rights of appeal for all of the non-fun parts.

    If you want one army you can have it. You are on guard tomorrow. Parade at the guardroom at 0745 in immaculate working dress for 24 hours guard duty. The day after you will be on the square for a full pre deployment kit check, then on 2 hours notice to move for a 1 month RAAT task to support predeployment training.

    Sorry? Busy you say? Something else on? Have to find someone else to cover the duties? One army, eh?

    Dry your eyes princess.
  7. Perhaps it’s because the Regs solder full time and are thus more deserving of a slot on a mixed Reg & TA fun course?

    If you’re that desperate to spend 2 weeks skiing/hiking/basket weaving then pay for it yourself.

    Just a thought…

    * edit to add - The_Duke beat me to it
  8. There's a basket weaving course!?
  9. Seem to remember at one point OTCs and Cadets were higher up the food chain than the TA Gp A when bidding for AT.

    It was also rank-ranged, so a Pte-Cpl or 2Lt-Lt had higher priority than a Sgt or Capt...
  10. Ask your PSI :wink:
  11. Thanks MSR.
  12. agreeing with The Duke here on this one!
  13. The regulars posting here are posting utter b llocks, as they seem to consistently manage to do when posting anything about something they know next to nothing about- namely the TA.

    Quite right the TA should have places on adventure training. Remember AT is there for the army's benefit- that's why the army pay for it. It's supposed to foster teamwork, a sense of adventure, leadership, etc. AT is real training, remember?

    Of course, the regular army might need to bring their standards up, in these respects, to that of the TA.

    When you've had a week at REAL work, what you really want is some time to enjoy yourself. But you don't, you put yourself forward to do military training, which sometimes includes AT. And for those who enjoy it, it is a perk of any of us taking the Kings Shilling.
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    I didn't realise that any regulars had posted on this thread.
  15. you're out for bites right? Where is the lord himself?