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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by RoyalEngineers, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. Well, yesterday I was talking to some Ex. Cadet mates who joined the Army. Two of them joined the Para's and one of them the Rifles (notice the trend). Anyway, I had a chat to them and got some pretty unsual feedback. One of them left after 8 weeks. He was 17, and said that you get treated like a baby. He was the only 17 year old in his platoon, which was going into 1 Bn. the Parachute Regiment. You have to go to your room at 9 while everyone else is still allowed in the NAAFI? Now that made me think of some sort of age discrimination. Then he proceeded to inform me of deaths at Catterick.. this seemed rather messed up aswell.. let's not go into detail but it seemed controversial. Now then, another one has been in the Para's for 2 years now, finished his training etc and is leaving this Wednesday. He said it was crap and he didn't like it. Now then, everyone is leaving, there is a massive shortage of recruits aswell.. now it's putting funny ideas into my head on the political side.. and I know it's a completely different story when you're in there doing it all, but some things must be under cover. What is going wrong? Is it that politicians are in charge of something they don't understand? Please give me your views, and I expect some sort of slagging but I really don't understand what is making me have this impressions and think from this point of view.. :(

    The one in the rifles loves it, it's what he wanted to do, he is a combat kind of guy and he is having a great time :)
  2. Seriously, what is this thread actually about?
  3. "A combat kind of guy"????????

    Are you really in the army?
  4. Sniff... sniff... I smell JOURNO!
  5. Yep. My journo radar was signalling however i at first thought potential Walter Mitty.
  6. No not at all, i'm a recruit.
  7. New liarbour are trying to destor the armed forces and bring in their version of the SS by slowing down recruiting, and making life unbearable for those already in, therefore making the army a mere shadow of what it once was. When it gets down to roughly battalion strength, the senior officers and SNCOs will be liquidated and from the ashes will rise Liebors own personal protection force. Probably with a suitably snappy name full of buzzwords.
  8. we know where this one is going! :wink:
  9. Isnt it the LAW that you cant drink when your 17 :?

    If your still in training Id concentrate on ironing your kit rather than being on here some nasty Sergeant will be inspecting you tomorrow. Wish it was me :twisted:
  10. Straight to the hoop would be guess....
  11. Since when was there a law? ;)

    And by recruit I mean not in yet, but in the process :D

  12. after room inspections,bed blocks,parades,assault courses,webbing runs etc,i think drinking beer will be the last thing on your mind!
  13. explanation of THE LAW - its illegal !!
  14. I could do it. I'm well 'ard. 8)
  15. Ok thats ok then your allowed to drink out of a cider bottle whilst sat on a park bench abusing OAP's then. Once your over 18 and in the army you then can drinking like an adult :wink: