"One Army" - Yeah whatever

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tpr_trinny, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. Ok so slightly annoyed, I'm a civil servant which means that providing I have the correct insurance I'm allowed to use the local regular army gym. However once I leave the civil service i am no longer entitled to use the gym even though I am a TA soldier and our Sqn does not have any gym eqpt (I doubt any do).

    How can they be calling this "one army" when were not even allowed access to the training facilities???

    And as for this army fit website whats the point if I have to pay extortionate membership fee's for civvy gyms I mean after all I'm only trying to improve my phys for the army anyway.

    bang smack out of order if you ask me, anyone else got any "them and us" gripes?
  2. forget about "entitled". have you tried speaking nicely to the PTI staff? sure they would be able to sort something out.
  3. Tough shit sweetie
  4. yeah tried speaking to the PTI's they were the ones that informed me I wouldnt be able to continue once i leave the civil service.

    Polar69 - your extensive use of the english language amazes me.
  5. seems a bit jobsworth to me, but it's not my gym. would have thought we would encourage TA soldiers to use the facilities to keep fit.
  6. I used a gym at a Barracks near to my home; as mentioned, ask the PITIs nicely with your Army head on ( and MoD 90 to hand? ) and I can think of no reason under the sum why they would not let you use the gym.
  7. Funny, a lot of garrison gyms and various MOD places that I've seen only require a civil servant or services ID card, regardless of arm or commitment. Best investigate whatever literature say who can have access. I assume you have an MOD90.
  8. The size of any given unit's gym is based on the strength of that unit. If you allow any old passer-by to show his ID card and start working out you would be in danger of pushing soldiers out of their own gym.

    Two points.
    - As a regular, I have genuinely never heard of 'One Army'.
    - If you want to visit Regular Army facilities, get a PSI to arrange it for Drill Nights or Weekends.

    Fitness is a personal responsibility. I have managed to stay fit throughout my 9 years service without using service gyms. Running, swimming and cycling are not adequately provided for in gyms so I do them elsewhere. Also, I know plenty of Regular soldiers and officers who are members of civilian gyms as the facilities are often better and they are more relaxed.
  9. you could try posting this question in the training wing & APTC forums as well, if you want reasons.
  10. why are regulars in here
  11. Because its an open forum d1ckhead.
  12. t_t

    I agree that TA soldiers should have access to the same facilities as regular soldiers and cannot understand why they are being denied.

    I also believe that Civil Servants should not be allowed access to military gyms, there is no service reason why they should be.
  13. Great first post, is it going to be your only one?

    Funnily enough the thread concerns us 'mere regulars' and we might have some input into it.

    Think then post in future....

    Back on thread, don't see why (if you ask nicely) you shouldn't be able to use a Reg Unit's gym. Certainly happened with a number of TA soldiers I know.
  14. I'm sure TA soldiers are allowed to use any MOD gym so long as they've had an induction with the PTI running the place.

    Most of the gyms that I've been to (on bases) have had more TA and civvies in them anyway.
  15. It works on the same premise as to why non-hotel guests use hotel gyms. They pay for the privilidge.