One Army...............Regular & Territorial!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dont_Fear_The_Reaper, May 20, 2007.

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  1. We are all too aware of the new PR of the Sub-American Army. However, just to add insult to injury; are you aware that the ONE ARMY is about regular army kit, for issue to the TA (the reserve of first choice) and, worse still........suspend recruiting for those units it considers to be bringing less to the 'enduring Ops table' than the rest! Units like the AGC, RLC are to be targetted, with year-long bans on recruiting. All in a pathetic ex to save less than £3m!!! How much a day are we spening being inIraq/Afghan???
  2. Hmmm DFTR nothing would surprise me. I had heard that with the MTD shortage resource will be allocated according to numbers mobilised. I guess that is the OTC f****d!
  3. As far as I was aware, the RLC do send quite a few bods on ops as individuals. Does this mean units that send very few will be targeted or do you mean it as a specific cap badge thing and, he draws breath, where did you get the info from?
  4. What's the fundamental problem with recycling kit? If people jack in the TA and hand all their kit back after only a few weeks, what happens to it?

    Fair enough, after finishing Phase 2 you should certainly be entitled new kit, but before then I can't see why trainers, C95s (if clean and in excellent condition of course) etc. can't be recycled.
  5. I don't see why the OTC get anywhere near the sort of funding and resources that they do. I heard of some OTC units getting A2's before some TA units had. Thats a bit silly when they don't even deploy.
  6. Hmm, not convinced on the value of the OTC in this day and age, Young men wanting to gain an idea of life in the Army beofre going reg may as well join the TA, it might give them a better insight into military life (and save a few bob along the way!).
    How's this for a One Army concept: the JPA helpline is very helpfully open monday to friday 9 til 5, nice to know they value all there 'customers', and made every effort so that people can contact them at there convenience.
    Ah - maybe they could get the OTC to answer the phones at weekends?!
  7. Lots of kit can be re-issued. All my webbing was second hand when I joined. Always wondered who Pte. Stone was!
    Bar underwear, I don't see the problem in having a pool of second hand serviceable clothing for recruits.
  8. All,

    I would suggest that all units are being threatened with the "You under the eye of the bean counters", not just AGC and RLC (and the RLC have deployed large numbers to the Telics).

    There are units that are already being restricted on MTD's, and whilst I hope its not true, the word on the street that the TA will be living in challenging times ahead for the next couple of years.

    I have to question the purpose, sanity, expense and timing of FAS, given that we are now fighting two medium scale enduring operations concurrently and not one Large Scale Deliberate Intervention.

    I wonder what will be left of our "Reserve" of choice in 3 years time. I'm sure there must be some divine wisdom out there - can anyone shed some light onto the matter?
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Try lurking on the forum and reading a few threads...

  10. ES, it's not for's for the TA, regular de-kits will be re-issued to the TA, not back to them!

    There has always been clothing 'conditioned' by the QM dept as serviceable which is re-issued and rightly so but the intention is to cut spending. Instead of issuing TA soldiers with new kit, they will get the de-kits of regular soldiers. Obviously, for hygiene reasons, kit classified as 'next to skin', ie vests, drawers cotton etc will be destroyed but everything else re-issued.

    You would have thought that with the size of the 2 forces (reg & TA) there would be more mileage out of re-issuing it to the Regs.
  11. So the new slogan is: second-class soldiers with second hand kit
  12. From small friends in high places! I understand it to be a cap badge issue but imagine the potential.

    Units are fighting to get retention issues right; stop a unit, which has retention problems, from recruiting and it will shrivel up and die. Kill enough of them and then amalgamate what's left! You're left with healthy recruited units who can provide IR's for however long.
  13. and second-hand welfare but first class sh1t!
  14. Personally I wouldn't mind them giving us sh!t regular hand me downs if the money saved was going to go on funding a new reg inf bat. The regs have had their part of the army cut to shreads, why should we be imune.

    But it will be most likely p!ssed away by MoD precurement staff wasting money on sh!t we don't need.
  15. Or shit they 'need' like £1000 a pop chairs.