One army regular and territorial

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by polar, Dec 8, 2008.

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  1. (latest radio ad campaign)

    So when do we get our basic pay increased to 16K, free medical and dental care. I won't mention pension.....
  2. When you go full time?
  3. not on the ad
  4. Ah, I see. Haven't heard the ad-so it says join the army and get the package you quote? Surely most people will figure out it means reg? Correct me if I'm wrong the TA is still known as TA?
  5. Yes bit at the end of the advert it says "one army, regular and territorial.", hence the title of the thread
  6. When it's your full time job and you don't get to choose which days you turn up.
  7. So, like me you are paid a daily rate. Multiply it by 365 - does it comes close to the figure quoted. If not, factor in your bounty. When you're on duty, you will get free healthy care and dentistry. When you're not, you won't.

    Difference between you and me is I can be used at any time. My working month is in the region of 230 hrs.
  8. Oh no, just started a reg vrs ta thread.

    If I do every weekend I'm doing 12 day weeks with two weekends off, double time at weekends???? No

    but I was originally talking about the advert
  9. No, you haven't mate. I've done both.

    What you're complaining about is poor advertising, yet most people will see the facts for what they are. Or have I missed your point? The fact is, worked on a daily rate the advert is factual.

    The point is you don't have to turn up, you can choose what you work within reason. That's why you're a volunteer.
  10. Oh, and what on earth is a 12 day week?
  11. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    A 12 day week, for example:

    Monday, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri

    So, 12 days without a break. I thank you
  12. Pooh.
  13. Mmmm BB my Wah meter is twitchin...or does he Think you get the free dentist on weekends.... :wink:
  14. I think so, SM.
  15. Of course you do:

    Whats the matter with you private dogsarrse?

    toothache sir

    Well dont just stand there, get yerself to the med centre to see the tooth puller, you TA types are covered when your on duty, dont you know.

    ( Two hours later)

    Ah your back, all sorted dogsarrse?

    no sir, there was no-one there, its the weekend

    Never mind, get over there first thing monday morning

    but I wont be here then sir

    never mind eh dogsarrse? try again next weekend.