One Army, One Radio

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Kitmarlowe, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. Nice to see One Army coming out to play again. Just had confirmed that Bowman will be VHF manpack only and I cann't send any signalers on any Bowman course except VHF lite. What a waste of time.

    I'm going to have some problems with comms for an infantry unit. How the hell are units that spread out much further going to cope with comms in future? I for one will not use my own phone for comms outside VHF range if I'm not getting that cost paid back!
  2. :lol: Flags. :lol: and mirrors :lol:
  3. When we move to the same TAC you can borrow our BOWMAN, we do national comms so obviously we will have HF...............

    Yep VHF lite for us aswell
  4. It's just lovely...! It now means that even more people who would and could go either won't be called up because they're not trained in the kit, or will have to spend an extra 3 weeks being trained up to use the kit!
  5. That is the intended solution. Imagine if they try to mobilise a RSWO or YofS, their pre deployment training is gonna go on for months (doing BOWMAN Systems Management training)
  6. Your also forgetting that the radio is only a part of BOWMAN. We aren't getting any BISA's so your Coy 2IC's etc are going to have no experience of using Staff Officer/computer systems during their TA training. That probably extends to your mortar platoon and many others
  7. Maybe you could ask Tesco for some extra cash to buy some knock-off bowman too?
  8. Its not that simple, digitisation that BOWMAN brings is a very very big thing, in a way its like moving from throwing rocks to using a rifle.

    The way a large part of the TA is to be re-equipped using the analogy is we are to replace the stones with bullets (rounds if you so wish). How is the Signaller going to use these new technology when he gets it? He is going to continue as before replacing throwing the rocks with throwing the rounds, he may even go back to using the rocks as they are more effective.

    To turn that last bit into more normal speak, BOWMAN means BATCO is out , so the platoon commander and all other non Sigs people are more likely to use a radio. Already my SQMS and troop SSgts use radios (AIRWAVE) far more frequently than I do (I'm the comms dude).
    A regular platoon signaller will still be asked to send messages via the UDT as he would have been done before to send a BATCO message, the TA platoon signaller will be used to carry the radio and answer radio checks. He may send routine reports by voice but as I just mentioned the regular equivalent will work a different way. I find it shocking that at such a basic level we are not getting an opportunity to get basic experience of working the same way as regulars.
    It will get worse higher up the food chain, I believe when I was in the inf I could have bluffed being a good Cpl/Sgt in a reg BG HQ, I couldn't know - I wouldn't have had the experience of working with modern ICS and what stuff we do have means we have developed procedures along different lines
  9. FBW

    FBW Old-Salt

    And it gets better, soon some TA Sigs Regt will have Bowman VHF lite, SCRA(T) and HF Clansman all in the same 110 rover

    It doesnt get any better than that :p :p :p
  10. ^The current plan is doomed to fail.

    The plan assumes BOWMAN is a like for like replacement, it isn't. We are getting VHF as the powers that be do not understand digitisation, they think we are getting a little less than we had before. I'd say we are getting 5-10% of what CLANSMAN did. May look ok on paper but these days we use power point/word.
  11. Well at least we all know what BOWMAN stands for,

    Better Off With Map And Nokia (other mobiles are available unlike BOWMAN)
  12. unfortunatly this info doesn't get desiminated and so many seem to think we are all being Bowmanised 100% this year, I ran a sigs course on annual and a couple of lads were NFI and moaned the whole time that it was pointless teaching clansman when we were getting bowman soon

    Laugh, I nearly voted labour
  13. So is this radio going to cook my insides and give me cancer then?

    Just thought I'd ask as I am a total ********.
  14. 'One Army, One radio'

    Christ I knew you were short of kit but that takes the biscuit!
  15. it does get better - contract was to fit vehicle fit a fixed number of vehicles (but not 110s) but the army has written off so many (Wolfs?) since contract was signed that they're even fitting the RB44 which are I believe are considered obsolete.