ONE ARMY? Not if you want to buy a discount landrover..

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Bikini_Black, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. Land Rover obviously aren't aware of the "One Army" concept..


    Read here

  2. LOL I love how because the words Land Rover are in the post, all the ads are now landrover ads! Big Brother is watching!

  3. STAB's don't get the same 13% discount commitment from the Land Rover / Jaguar group, they see you like fat knacker weekend warriors with shit Botswana Defence Force webbing. I do think it should be given to those STAB's returning from Ops though.
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  4. All you bloody STABS do is whinge!
  5. The TA aren't full time and therefore don't get the full amount of discounts, fair enough.

    (BTW i'm a stab)
  6. Just join the REME and acquire one by parts! :wink:
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  7. yup....and my missus hasn't got a place at the local dentist 'cos we keep moving around.....

    ...suck it up, buttercup....

    PS i wouldn't worry too much there won't be too much of a TA left after the SDR
  8. Neither are you, you tool.

    The One Army Concept refers to a collection of reasonably narrow initiatives including recruitment and the provision of services to reservists on operations.

    One Army Concept does not mean that the TA automatically get the same treatment, TACOS and, dare I say it, kudos that the Regular Army can enjoy. It's all about commitment you see?

    To think otherwise is a Bone Army Concept.
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  9. Get a better job!
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah - you tell 'em!! They aren't even part-timers. T.A. members are merely 'casual labour', with none of the rights that go with being even 'Part Time Staff'. :roll:

    Still, if you want a uniform AND be proper part-time staff, with the legal protection that brings, then try McDonalds.
  11. I agree! the one Army concept is bias! the Regs dont get an annual bounty for turning up for a few nights, a couple of weekends and a couple of weeks on the lash in Cornwall! and the Regs cant just decide what days/nights that they want to turn up for! Its not fair!

    Throbber, get a grip.
  12. slighlty off topic i bought a short wheel base many years ago and spent a good cuople of years doing it up , it has led me down only once when in wales , was even oferred a fair price at an air show laste yaer
  13. Course you did.

  14. Who the fcuk cares?
  15. The walt mobile - do you drive to the shops in your desert combats in it pretending to have just driven from Basra?