Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by geordie-ted, Apr 5, 2009.

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  1. What happened to the "One Army" idea, newly promoted Regular SNCO's now get up to £855 (depending on corps) to buy a Mess dress, but grant is not available to the TA...
  2. You’re obviously not very good with the search button then :wink:
  3. Then again how many times a year do TA wear mess dress ? If you are that upset wear No 2's
  4. No 2's, how appropriate (think about it)
  5. No.2 dress to a Mess Dress?
  6. my thoughts exactly. If you are going to do it, do it correctly. There are companies who offer mess dress for 500 squid with 0% finance so you can pay over time.

    Ultimatly though, mess dress is optional! No one is saying you must wear it (or at least they should not).
  7. umm you've not come across many Infantry RSMs, have you?
  8. As a member of a regular mess I would say that I wear it as many times as the regular SNCO's. Oh and like the rest of the TA I don't get issued No 2's
  9. Nobody NEEDS it, it is a vanity purchase.
  10. Tell my RSM....
  11. Have to agree...Got promoted to SNCO and we were given a timescale until the next mess function to get mess dress.
  12. Use yout tax free bounty, you part time wannabe real soldier but can't hack it whinging loser ;)
  13. PA
    Classic ARAB shit - its what we have come to expect
    Suggest that you give up all your regular army allowances and donate them to Help for Hero's - and while your at it, suggest that you also foresake Saturday & Sundays pay when you are not on duty
  14. Regular Army allowances??!! Such as??!

    We don't get Saturday & Sunday pay. We get a salary, non-day specific.
  15. Ohh goody the Regular Vs TA argument this is a change