One Army - Does any one have anything good to say?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by just_plain_dave, May 29, 2009.

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  1. Good principle (when do I get my pension?) P*ss poor aplication. Your thoughts please! especially anyone who can give me a benifit from this amazing statement.
  2. I'm sure there are instances where it does work, units which have close ties with the TA are much better off than those that don't. My parent unit has good working relations with the regular army, support them in the UK with IR's and have provided a good amount of bods for H11. The unit I mobilised with have no real experience with working with TA (those that have don't have anything good to say so mud sticks) and so my personal experience has been lessened as a result.
    Having said that trade training for a reg in my corps is about 4-5 months. For a TA soldier it is two weekends. There is the difference.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    It is the one army 'concept'

    concept con·cept (kŏn'sěpt')

    1. An abstract idea or notion.
    2. An explanatory principle in a scientific system. Also called conception.
  4. Seriously? I thought most TA Special to Arm courses (eg CIC) were 2 weeks?

    Not saying that this is anything like 4-5 months, but what trade can they train you for in 2 weekends??
  5. Bonus?
  6. Our Bowman course varies from 5 days to 11 days or 4 weekends.
    Our Landy course is 2 weeks
    Tracked vehicles is 2 - 4 weekends.

    Amazes me how they can justify that short a time when reg units are at it for months.

    At the end of the day, we're still STABs in the eyes of alot of reg units. The unit next door to us is SIgs and they hate us with a passion - epsecially on open days when we turf up their car park doing sharp manoevers in CVRT's :lol:

    Being an ex-reg, i can see alot of problems with the "One Army" concept. Yes it'll work on paper but try telling that to a reg who's put in months of training to suddenly having a reservist next to him.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Especially when the reservist is doing a better job - oh and getting his civilian salary matched by the MOD ;)

  8. Recently discovered that it is "One Army" until you are injured in Army time doing Army things. I am now on sick leave for 3-6 months that is paid by my civilian employer for an injury sustained in Army time...Now, how far would I get if it was the other way around...
  9. Aye very very true. If it wasn't for my "civvie" job i'm be on pennies. As it is, my 2 nights a week is nearly double a weeks reg army pay 8)
  10. If you reported that injury when it happened, you're entitled to your FT army wage mate... I only know because I'm in contact with a geezer who broke his foot when on duty and is being paid his army salary whilst on sick leave.

    Treatment is civvy though...
  11. Do regs have the impression that TA members sit on their bums every day and then just sling on a pair of DPMs ?

    I have been in training for a while now. Just because I have to train myself, does not mean I am not training. I am in the Gym, or out running 6 days a week on top of trying to do a normal job and maintain a home family life. I dont get to watch TV, and the only time I get to myself for a read of a paper or a book is the 25 minute train journey to and from the office.
  12. In short... one army? PAH!!

    .................Edited to remove bitter and twisted comments....................

    and relax.....I edited myself, but I felt so much better for venting my anger. :)
    time for a cold beer I think
  13. I seem to remember that when I was a regular I went to the gym and out running. That was on top of trying to do a normal job and maintain a home family life.

    When I became a stab I still went to the gym and out running. That too was on top of trying to do a normal job and maintain a home family life.

    It just happened to be a different job.
  14. They probably think that doing PDT with the unit they are to deploy with (+ BATUS or Kenya prior if poss) will bring them up-to-speed. Although I completely agree with what you are saying - I don't see how a few weekends can equal months of training.

    By the way, which TA unit has CVRTs? That sounds like fun... Yeomanry?
  15. Queen's Own Yeomanry