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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Deadreckon, May 28, 2010.

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  1. I have tried searching the forums (as I know One Army has been discussed to death!) but can anyone point me to a MOD/Army webpage or document which outlines the philosophy/spirit of "One Army"?

    Basically, a retired senior officer ruled out a friends participation in an event because he wasn't "regular" (despite the guy having just returned from H11 and actually still mobilised until mid summer).

    I need to write a respectful letter stating in essence "you charge us the regular army fees yet you then tell us to piss off we're not eligible to participate! Either cut your fees for TA to reflect the fact that you see us as "half soldiers"or treat everyone equally". Any help appreciated.

  2. Well if he's retired hes not regular either. And techcnicly (how do you spell that) he is regular. (the bloke just back from H11 i mean)

  3. Sigh. I see this sort of thing time and time again, and not just in a regular vs reserve context.

    With a few very notable exceptions, retired senior officers should be lured into accepting the Governor Generalship of a sunny, but obscure caribbean Island, and then dumped there, en-masse.

    It would be a sort of penal colony for the insane, filled with tweed-clad, musty-smelling egomaniacs, mad as fecking hatters wives (also known as "mad shouty posh women"), and packs of incontinent spaniels and black labs.

    It would keep the world safe for the rest of us.
  4. Completely agree with you re my mate who's just returned. As far as the army is concerned he's a regular. I need to gently but firmly explain "One Army" to this ex regular. Ironically as I'm currently mobilised I probably hold a little more of the moral highground then he does.
  5. In the far off days of my youth in the Cold War the TA was very much a distinct entity within the Army orbat, though still contained in said orbat.
    Nowadays as it is used as a manpower source for the Regulars as opposed to beefing up the number of units available in case of a major fracas. This has altered the one-army concept and made the TA an appendage of the Regulars, therefore I can't see the problem for your friend to participate.

    Sadly, retired crusties have always been a part of the wrinkles in life. A retirement home in the hills under mess rules and run by a hattie jaques-style matron should be the answer.
  6. Don't forget to add "you cnut" at the end of the sentence...oh and that will presumably a demi-official letter to a person outside MOD?
  7. Look, its very simple. The rules are:

    1. The default setting for all situations involving the TA is "Casual Labour, you are not entitled."

    2. Apply the "One Army Concept" only if the MOD will benefit from the deal.

    3. If Rule 2 applies but the soldier also derives some benefit add some caveat to remove that benefit.
  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Your frerind should have agreed with him
    He should have pointed out I'm not in your Army because your retired you silly old cunt now fuck off Mr Nobody
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Tell him to photocopy his bare arse and fax it to the committee.

  10. My bold. If this is a Mess function then he should be invited as matter of form by dint of being a member of the Mess regardless of the manner of his Commission/Enlistment. If this is not a Mess function, then his fee paying status is irrelevant.

    Personally, I'm struggling to see what sort of event, or indeed what sort Officer retired or no, would differentiate between a battalion's Regular and attached Reservist members. Care to expand?
  11. just write 2 letters.

    one nice and formal with all the facts and nice persuasive writing to make him reconsider.

    and one in a different font, with no return address, and a different name at the bottom, basically detailing the fact that he'd an old cnut, probably can't get hard anymore, will probably contract cancer soon and is on nature's death row anyway.

    letter 1 has a chance of resolving the situation.
    letter 2 makes you feel better, regardless.

    of course, the 3rd option is to track down all the attendees of this function, and invite them all to an even better bash on the same night. you might have to shell out a bit on some free beer and a free BBQ, and maybe hire in a bouncy castle or something for when everyone's trashed; but if it means the old cnut is sat at home whilst all his party guests are at yours on the lash, it's a winner.
  12. By my reckoning there's currently 4 different "one armies".

    Any advance on four ?
  13. I would like to think that we had progressed from the days when units such as the RLC HQ at Grantham called Mess Meetings, instructing all Regs, NRPS, TA etc to attend, but told the TA they were not allowed to vote.

    Evidently not
  14. It's still the same mate. They take mess bills off the TA and spend it on lovely Twickers days out for themselves. Calling a Mess meeting midweek ensures no TA involvement so they don't have to put things like that on the letters any more.
    Here's hoping the cutbacks decimate the CVHQ trough!
  15. Stop paying the Mess Bill, see what that kicks up.

    Pie eating lardarrses.