Once upon a time in Afghanistan

Just goes to show what communism and religious extremism can achieve.


The ****ing hippies who loved Afghanistan back in the early 70s must somehow be to blame.


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Whilst wandering round t'interweb I came across this;

Then came 1973...Communism is such a wonderful thing.
Nice one, thanks. Communism is a factor in the ****ing up of a fascinating country (and I was there in '73, as were a few other ARRSERS, before Waltenkommando get out of their box) but US Imperialism is an equal factor. It was the tail end of the Cold War and eyeballs were being stared into, shoulders were being nudged. Airports and roads from Herat to Kabul were being promised.

It is a damned shame that the photographer didn't capture pics of Afghan women at that time. Tall, standing straight and taking no shit from nobody. Unlike now.

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