once twice or scrap fired brass wanted

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by kukooart, Oct 4, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,
    My name is Kay, i am an artist and i am looking for used once twice or scrap brass casings to use in my latest artwork.
    In my last piece i used 8600 fired once 9mm casings resined onto a board. Now i need more so i can continue.
    If anyone can help in locating large amounts of used brass i would love to here from you.
    Today i have contacted the police and army in a bid to purchase from them instead of them selling or destroying them..
    You may if you wish visit my website to take a look at my artwork, {although none of my artwork containing used brass is on there as it is still a new collection}
    My previous supplier of the casings are no longer an option as i have just returned to the UK from cyprus, where i could get them in abundance.

    hope i get to here from you guys soon.

    take care all


    Resin artist contemporary resin art
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If you try some of the clubs that have brass bins, NRA Bisley, Wendesbury Marksmen etc you may get lucky!
  3. Try Yorkshire, where there's muck there's brass!
  4. All the spent brass is recovered though the system and sold for scrap.. most I think goes through Quinetiq at Shoeburyness who run the incinerators..

    The people you want to contact are (I think) the light weapons project team at DE & S Abbey Wood..
  5. Did they ever used to reload it?

    I saw some well dodgy looking boxed RG ball about when I was a sprog, discoloured at the neck.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Possibly allegedly small mark, ammo that failed the cosmetic QC and was sold at a discount to clubs rather than issued! Sadly some unscrupulous ***** would resell it on as surplus or new and charge tob prices!

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  7. No.. some artillery and anti aircraft natures have been reloaded in wartime, but small arms ammuniton has never been reloaded by the UK..

    Anyway reloading cordite .303 is partularly difficult as the neck was actually put on the case after the cordite charge was loaded! UK ammo is also Berdan primed, which again is not really reloadable on an industrial scale..

    The "small mark" that Ugly is referring to comes from two sources..:

    End runs and part lots from the ROFs, usually collected together at the end of the year and given a workdate of 31Dec.

    Recovered ammuntion that has lost it's identity by not being returned in it's original packaging. The Navy used to be really bad at this - I can remember MFO boxes of "mixed small arms ammo" coming off ships - everything from .22rf up to .50 ball/tracer/blank/ empty cases/mars bars/bananas - you name it.... This is usually conditioned "D" and destroyed, but has been sold on to trade in the past (not the mars bars, but occasionally the bananas..! :)

    Hope this helps
  8. If you are ever in America, drop by and you can have about 500 pounds of it.
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  9. I am talking about boxed RG 5.56 in the late 90's, the little 20 rounders, which also brings me on to the subject of why the **** did some Einstein at RG decide to put it in 20 round boxes when a mag holds 30?

    Quality was shit, it was discoloured like a previously fired case, some had missing primers and some cases ruptured when fired.

    They were letting kids shoot that crap.
  10. I think you will find the Einstein would have been in Bath or Abbey wood rather than RG...

    .. probably someone so on the ball that they had not noticed that the mag capacity had gone up! On the other hand it may have been someone trying to match the APWT requirement..

    I suppose it would have been too much to ask if anyone had put in a defect report for the duff ammo. I can't recll there being a specific problem at that time with RG, although they were a sorry reflection of what they once were...

    I understand someone has bought RG a new rockchucker press (no expense spared...!)and a set of dies (in 5.56 this time..!) so things may get better..

    what about shipping the brass?

  12. Yeah that'd work...
  13. Hi Ugly

    thanks for the info, i will give them a bell.

  14. Cos neither of you wants to end up on the wrong side of the State Dept........
  15. he117
    thanks for the info.
    i have no idea what some of the termanoligy you refer to, but i get the jist.
    out of curiosity, what size dimentions are .22? {if you are looking at the head stamp} are they simular to the 9mm?