Once more into the breach, dear friends.

Stunning piece from Audrey Gillan in The Guardian remembering Lance Corporal of Horse Jo Woodgate who was killed last week.

Link to article - excerpt below.

Two days before his last patrol in Afghanistan, Lance Corporal of Horse Jo Woodgate updated his Facebook status. "Once more into the breach, dear friends," he typed.

It was a fitting sentiment for a man who had fought in both of Britain's recent wars. At just 19 in 2003, he had almost lost his life in Iraq. Yet he went on operational tour in that country once more and had seen combat in Afghanistan twice. In his army career, Woodgate had been unto the breach many times.

As he counted down to the end of his latest six-month stint, the 26-year-old was not to know that in quoting Shakespeare's Henry V he could not have written anything more apposite as an epitaph.

Jo died on that last foot patrol on Friday in Sangin when a grenade exploded after being lobbed over a wall. This time, he didn't come back from the breach.

On the day that Jo – or Woody as he was also known – left for Afghanistan, he wrote on Facebook: "Jo Woodgate is on the bus. Take it easy you lot, see you all next year!" I wrote back to him: "Keep yer heid doon Jo. Can't believe you're away again." Facebook doesn't have a delete button for me to eat my words, which is what I wish I could do. They seem so flippant now: there is no keeping your head down from a grenade thrown by an enemy you didn't even see.

I first met Woodgate in a malodorous tent in Kuwait in March 2003. He was still in his teens, one of a load of young lads in D Squadron, the Household Cavalry, with whom I was to be embedded for the invasion of Iraq. On that first day, as the radio blasted and testosterone overwhelmed me, Jo and the other soldiers laughed at the sight of a female in their midst, and a journalist to boot.
Thanks for that link.
Some...only some now...journalists are not carrion devouring jackals.
Some journalists do get it Cuddles... unfortunately they are in the minority.

Rest in peace...
RIP, may your journey to valhalla be unhindered

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